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Golden Service Awards 2013

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how we can continue tominimise our im- pact on the environment. EcoERIC provides the rationale so everyone can understand why we do things the way we do.” Rafferty continued: “The teamat

Newsprinters Knowsley has worked excep- tionally hard to identify and achieve the most efficientmanagement of resources. The plant uses 100%recycled newsprint. Less than 1%of total waste goes to landfill, with recovered paper waste returned tomill for recycling. The plants local supplier is active in sustainable forestrymanagement. Reusable newsprint cores have been intro- duced. Heavy goods vehicles with low sul- phur diesel engines have been brought in and the plant is now using pallets with a 10 year lifespan, compared with old ones which had a life of just threemonths. Eco- ERIC includes ‘switch off and save’ which encourages staff to turn off lights. A huge range of energy savingsmean that usage has remained consistent despite a 50%rise in output at the plant. The plant is carbon neutral and generates some of its own en- ergy using renewable sources on site.”

At Newsprinters Knowsley all use of fos-

sil fuels, all on site energy consumption, and all businessmiles travelled are evalu- ated andmeasured, with the information audited and confirmed by an independent third party.Where possible energy effi- ciency is improved and the remaining emissions are then offset by investment in projects that prevent an equivalent amount of carbon being released to the atmos- phere. News UK also developed a systemfor

measuring the whole-life carbon emission of a newspaper fromtree to disposal in conjunction with the Edinburgh Centre for CarbonManagement. “The cleaning staff have shown excep-

tional levels of dedication at Newsprinters Knowsley,” concluded Denise Hanson. “Working together, we have been able to develop and implement some exceptionally successful environmental campaigns which have saved usmoney, improved effi- ciency of the facility, and contributed to the carbon neutral status of the business.”

Above, guests arrive for the Golden Service Awards ceremony, staged at the London Lancaster Hotel in November 2013.

Right, the Turner FMteamatwork at Newsprinters Knowsley. l JANUARY 2014 l C&M l 17

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