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suppliers, generally at a lower cost than pre-filled cartridges. The second trend is that facilities man-

agers are looking for something different to break away from what they consider a boring and functional washroom land- scape and preferably something that seamlessly integrates into their specific washroom environment. This trend has been slowly filtering down from the con- sumer goods market - cars, smartphones, tablets, etc - that have been offering these personalisation options for years. The new Ellipse range that now comprises 11 prod- ucts with a further member of the family to be launched early next year, has been de- signed to offer various customisation op- tions to suit a wide range of customer needs and tastes. The main element of the identity of this new range, the elliptic insert element, comes in a range of different colours and graphics to open new visual possibilities. Environmental awareness is another

trend that we can see in the industry. Prod- ucts that are genuinely more respectful of the environment are becoming more and more requested, even though our cus- tomer survey showed that this item is ranking behind quality and cost considera- tions when it comes to purchase decisions. Proud of holding the ISO 14001 environ- mental accreditation since 2000, Kennedy has long been developing solutions that are environmentally friendly - the cotton towel dispensing solution being just one example where the towels are washed and reused up to 100 times, after which they are reused as cleaning cloths. These cot- ton towel cabinets are extremely popular

within the Scandinavian market, with the Nordic countries usually having a higher level of environmental awareness. Another evidence of this trend is the increasing im- portance of industry-wide, international ecological labels. A good case in point is the European Ecolabel, a voluntary system for promoting products and services that are recognised as being kinder to the envi- ronment and that are symbolised with the Ecolabel ‘Flower’ logo. Ecolabel considers the total environmental impact of the prod- uct from the raw material extraction through to product disposal. Kennedy has launched, this year, a full range of Ecola- bel soaps, including high quality liquid and foam soaps and lotions, and a 3-in-1 gel for body, hair and hands.

What are themain challenges facing the washroomhygiene industry as a whole at present? The main challenge in our industry is the increasing cost of washroom servicing at a time when companies are spending less and less money on non-core activities. Washroom service companies must not only be able to provide competitive services but also must find new ways to differenti- ate themselves from their competitors through quality of the service or additional services that create real value for the sites, such as traceability of the service carried out.

What are themain challenges facing your business at present? The main challenges facing our business are maintaining the quality and reliability of our products in a cost-driven market

Above, the Intima, Kennedy’s feminine hygiene unit.

place, and maintaining leadership through investment in product innovation within a challenging macro economical environ- ment.

Above, the POD can help reduce paper consumption by up to 20%.

What are your predictions for the future of the cleaning industry in general? We have already started to see some evi- dence of information and communication technology incorporated into washroom systems. Dispensers that are tracking con- sumable level and alert the service staff as to when to refill are just one example. These systems still need to be perfected and their costs will come down further, but there will be a point in time when the ben- efits of these features for the customer will outweigh the costs - in other words, they will be seen as an investment that will de- liver a clear return in terms of optimisation of the service operation at the facility level. This will happen hand in hand with distrib- utors and service providers increasingly becoming solution providers, identifying and constantly analysing every aspect of their customers` needs thanks to real time information gathered, so that they can always bring the right solution for the right situation at the right time.

What plans do you have for your business in the future? We are planning to expand our activities into new territories and new segments as well as to keep investing a significant per- centage of our turnover in our product de- velopment plan, since it is by investing today that we can provide our customers with new products tomorrow.

Forty years’ experience. Priceless.

Whether you require machines, cleaning solutions or training, Prochem’s four decades of expertise puts you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Our continual investment in research and development ensures our products remain the very best on the market.

And will for another forty years.

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