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Offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of dry-steam cleaning technology in Europe, OspreyDeepClean has seen significant growth since its launch as Osprey Sales and Marketing back in 1995. The very first range to be manufactured for the UK market by Osprey was the Robby range of steam cleaners which was heralded at that time as being truly innovative with its stainless steel, high durable housing at very competitive pricing with unheard of reliability.

Turn the clock forward 20 years, and Osprey is still very much at the forefront of innovation in the steam cleaning arena having recently launched its new coil technology. This no longer relies on conventional boiler systems but steam is generated "on demand" via heating coils. The big

advantage is that the machines can now run from 12kw up to 144kw, although larger systems still would also be viable. This - coupled with the fact it is driven by sophisticated plc software provided by Siemens/Alan Bradley for USA - renders this a fully-programmable and auditable solution for sanitation

18 l C&M l JANUARY 2014 l

basic philosophies is to try to work with (and even anticipate) our consumers' needs. One of the first issues we learnt that our customers were experiencing, and for which there seemed to be no solution at all at the time, was chewing gum removal. This led to the 1999 introduction of the GumBusters' range of chewing gum removal machines, trolleys and carts which achieved world-wide

and decontamination

situations, for example in food manufacturing. These new fully-integrated systems are also suitable for degreasing in the automotive and steel industrial sectors. Osprey, of course, still offers more traditional boiler-based technologies at entry level.

We asked Thomas Stuecken, Managing Director of OspreyDeepClean and Chief Commercial Officer of OspreyFrank Plc (the parent company) how the transition from sourcing a small range of steam cleaners back in 1995 resulted in their position today as one of the most innovative companies in the steam cleaning sector. "One of our

distribution and which is still an integral part of our portfolio. In 2005, with a team of micro-biologists, we began researching the efficacy of steam in the health-care environment; this resulted in our technologies being fully validated by UCLH and TNO for which Osprey won the Department of Health award for the most innovative technology with the greatest contribution to improving the cleanliness in healthcare. The machines resulting from this scientific and hands on work have continually been improved and in fact 2013 saw the launch of our 3rd major new version. It's scenarios like this that we feel proud to be a part of - when we see the practical benefits of our products in use in real-life environments."

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