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 British Cleaning Council Looking forward to a great 2014 at theBCC

By Doug Cooke, chairman, British Cleaning Council.

Happy new year to all C&M readers. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that you are working hard at those New Year's resolu- tions. At the BCC we’re look- ing forward to an exciting year of projects to support the cleaning industry. I want to take this opportu-

nity to remind ourmembers about the BCC grants pro- gramme. In 2013 we awarded two organisations the full amount applied for to roll out projects intended to create change and improve-

ment within the industry. The Federation ofWindow Clean- ersmade a compelling case for a new health and safety standard for itsmembers, and the British Toilet Associ- ation has been awarded funding to support its fantas- tic British ToiletMap - a re- source to support people in search of accessible public toilets. Themap will take the formof a smartphone app which is in the spirit of our encouragement of technol- ogy use within the industry. We’ll be creating amedia area on our website to up- date you on the progress of these projects. I hope that 2014 will seemanymore ap- plications and urgemem- bers to get their forms in early. We’ll be gearing up for The

Cleaning Show 2015 and a lot of work will be going into promoting the event and se- curing evenmore exhibitors and additions to the pro- gramme. I was delighted to

Contact details

see supporting evidence fromMTWResearch in the Contract CleaningMarket Research and Analysis Re- port earlier in 2013 showing that 60%of the largest and most profitable companies in the UK are based in and around London, followed by similar research frommem- bers of the Cleaning and Support Services Associa- tion. This certainly helped confirmthat our decision to move to London will place the event back into the cal- endars ofmajor buyers and institutions. I strongly be- lieve that London is the best place to showcase our di- verse and vibrant industry and gain the international attention it deserves.We'll keep listening to themarket andmake changes based on pragmatismand industry benefit. As part of our wider work

on the living wage and pay issues in the cleaning indus- try, we’ll be working along-

side the European Human Rights Commission to collect evidence on pay and condi- tions within the sector.We’ve already submitted an official response, and will continue to work to ensure that the cleaning industry gets a fair hearing. There are somany success stories of living wage commitment, training and development andmuch more out there and it’s im- portant that we document everything that we can to create a clear picture. At the same time, it’s vital that our

Profits fromThe Cleaning Show, co-owned by the BCC and Quartz Business Media, are poured back into the grants programme - another reason to support the showand itsmove to London for 2015.

For further information on the British Cleaning Council and details of itsmembers contact: The General Secretary, BCC Ltd, 478-480 Salisbury House, LondonWall, London EC2M5QQ, UK T: 020 7920 9640 E: W:

support of projects such as the LivingWage Campaign are genuine and committed. We know there have been many positive changesmade in the cleaning industry over the last decade and it’s our job to tell the story. Please do support our work by get- ting in touch to contribute. To apply for a grant, find

outmore about The Cleaning Show 2015, or contribute to the EHR Commission, you can contact our secretariat on press@britishcleaning-


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