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Many operators recognise the floor care productivity gains that can bemade with a scrubber drier. Formost, themachine is used simply to replace or replicate conven- tional wetmopping processes with ame- chanical equivalent. Results are achieved more quickly and with greater consistency while the ability of themachine to remove water and leave the floor ready for use adds a third benefit. Good as these advantages are,many operators remain unaware that scrubber driers also offer the prospect of genuine innovation with enhanced produc- tivity and sustainability when used with one of the latest-generation pads fromthe Taski Twister range fromDiversey Care. The Taski Twister pads contain billions of

microscopic diamonds that clean and maintain the natural shine and gloss of the floor through theirmechanical action. They are designed for use with water alone which eliminates chemicals fromfloorcare tasks for predictable and reduced costs. This promotes sustainability while enabling operators to deliver consistently high qual- ity results. Removing chemicals fromfloor care also eliminates the time spent prepar- ing solutions prior to work or rinsingma- chines through afterwards.More of the available time can therefore be spent on productive work. Pads with a range of diamond sizes are

available for almost every type of floor. The more abrasive versions with the larger par- ticles are especially suited to soil removal and floor renovation while the pads with the smaller diamonds are typically used for maintenance and polishing. The choice of pads availablemeans that scrubber drier operators can select the performance characteristics ideally suited to their spe- cific floor type and application.

swingo scrubber driers. This high perform- ance scrubber drier range comprises com- pact, walk-behind and ride-onmodels suitable for every floor care application fromsmaller areas such as kitchens and washrooms to the largest spaces found in supermarkets, shoppingmalls and air- ports. Allmodels in the range offer supe- rior performance to cover large areas quickly and with reduced need for repeat cleaning which promotes improved produc- tivity and reduces operating costs. Diversey Care has invested significant

R&D resources in the development of new categories of compact and ultra compact automatic scrubber driers for thorough cleaning of smaller congested areas. This development focus has resulted in the re- cent launch of three truly versatile Taski swingo scrubber driers: swingo 150e, swingo 350e/350b and the swingo 455e/455b walk-behindmachines. Themost advanced performance and

Formany applications, the Taski Twister can simply replace the conventional pads usedwith Taski rotarymachines or themedium-large range of advanced Taski swingo scrubber driers.

By ensuring the floor remains in perfect

condition, the Taski Twister pad can elimi- nate the need for costly and time-consum- ing periodicmaintenance. The pads also remove 80%more bacteria than conven- tional floor cleaningmethods which can make theman ideal choice where higher hygiene standards are required, such as food retailing, hotels and restaurants, hos- pitals, and care homes. Formany applications, the Taski Twister

can simply replace the conventional pads used with Taski rotarymachines or the medium-large range of advanced Taski

The best cleaning results for floors

Justin Binks, director of Sebo UK, discusses the importance of cleaning and maintenance regimes for floors.

Appropriate cleaning regimes help enhance the longevity and performance of all floor coverings andmust embrace the frequency of cleaning as well as themethod used. For flooringmanufacturers, putting thesemessages across, and providing sound guidance to their clients, should be an integral part of good customer service and will help build their reputation in themarket. Frustratingly, complaints about flooring often stemfroma poor cleaning regime rather than any inherent problem

with the flooring product. One problemis that advice is not communicated fromthemanufacturer’s client, whomay be the architect or building owner, to those responsible for organising and undertaking the cleaning. There is also the issue of those charged with cleaning not acting upon or understanding the advice. Tomaintain the appearance and longevity of carpets it is vital that appropriate vacuumcleaners andmaintenance

routines are used. One of themain causes of damage to a carpet is the fine grit and abrasive particles that sink into the pile. Foot traffic across the surface then crushes the pile against these particles, causing the fibres to be cut and excessive wear to occur. If the pile of a carpet becomes compressed it tends to hamper the removal of grit and dirt so suction on its own is

not always effective. For this reason, cylinder vacuumcleaners are relatively inefficient and, where they are used, the appearance and longevity of the carpet is likely to suffer. This is why carpetmanufacturers tend to recommend upright vacuumcleaners. These have rotating brushes that are good at opening up the pile so trapped dirt is re- leased and sucked out, along with hair and fibre thatmay have become enmeshed in the pile. In addition, upright cleaners help avoid pile compression that causes a carpet to look dirty and worn. When working with specifiers during the initial stages of a project,manufacturers of all flooring types should look

to suggest solutions that can assist with long termmaintenance. For instance, entrancematting. This prevents grit and dirt entering a building and saves damage to both carpets and hard floors. However, thismattingmust also be maintained to avoid it becoming clogged. Again, an upright vacuumcleaner is ideal as it will ensure that dirt is re- moved fromthe very base of the fibres. Ideally,manufacturers should help by providing a cleaning andmaintenance routine that is handed to the end

user on completion of the flooring installation. This needs to include information on the type of vacuumcleaner and other cleaning equipment to be used, the frequency of cleaning and themost appropriatemethods to use. A prop- erly thought through cleaning programme will be sustainable, cost effective andminimise disruption, while ensur- ing the appearance and longevity of the flooring.

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sustainability benefits are achieved when other features of the swingo range are em- ployed.With the patented Taski IntelliFlow system, for example, the scrubber drier au- tomatically adjusts the amount of water being used tomatch themachine’s speed. This reduces water consumption by up to 50%and ensures no puddles are left on the floor, even when slowing down to turn cor- ners. The patented squeegee design and direct suction pick-up ensures 99%of water/solution is always removed to leave the floor ready for use. The combination of Taskimachine and

Twister pads offers significant productivity, performance and sustainability savings over the working life of the equipment. These ‘whole-life-costs’ should always be considered when choosing floorcarema- chines because the consistency and relia- bility that results frommaking the right purchasing decision leads to predictable and lower operating costs overmany years.

Ready-to-use spray option for Fibrefresh

deodoriser Prochem Europe has responded to user demand for a ready-to-go version of its Fibrefresh deodoriser. The dual-action bi- ological deodoriser has a fast-acting odour-absorbing formula with long last- ing bio-enzymatic action and leaves a re- ally sweet fresh fragrance. One of the company's best-received

stain and odour removers, Fibrefresh is being introduced in a dedicated 1 litre sprayer. The product, which also comes in 5 litre containers, has become the 'go-to' solution for stains and odours, reported Prochem sales and training executive, Phil Jones. Tony Randle at Hull distributor, Hull

Vac, said: “Our sister cleaning company works largely on local authority contracts and we get some pretty heavy-duty jobs. Most recently we had to clean a council flat where the owner had been found de- ceased for some time. The carpets had to be taken up but body fluids had still seeped into walls and floors. Fibrefresh resolved the staining and the smell with- out fuss. We always use Prochem solu- tions and particularly speciality lines like this.”

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