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NewProducts Training for the food service sector A newonline resource

Torkmanufacturer SCA is of- fering a comprehensive se- ries of trainingmodules on hand and surface hygiene for the food sector. Themodules are free of charge and avail- able for download on the Tork website. Their aimis to pro- vide food handlers with a greater understanding of sur- face wiping, hand washing and hand drying procedures in a bid to help themmeet their legal responsibilities. The course has been de-

veloped in conjunction with the Oxford School of Hospi- talityManagement at Oxford Brookes University. “Tork is a leading provider

of cloths, wipes and napkins to food service outlets, so it makes sense for us to team up with amajor provider of educational support for the food service industry,” said SCA product and segment manager, Stephen Belcher. “The trainingmodules will be invaluable to food service companies since they incor- porate clearly set out pre- sentations along with films, hygiene quizzes and other tools - and there is even a certificate of completion and an information poster at the

Featuringmore than 2000 product lines, Hygiene Stores is the specialist supplies division of contract cleaning company Hygiene Group, and now boasts a new and convenient website for even faster ordering. Established in 2001 tomeet a

growing customer demand for quality hygiene and safety con- sumables, Hygiene Stores of- fers a carefully-selected range of PPE, cleaning equipment and chemicals, and janitorial supplies. Designed to present the entire catalogue with a clean and easy to use design, the website gives customers access to top of the range products and expert advice. As well as offering value formoney, quality products with re-

end of the course that can be printed off and distributed to students.” Themodules, which have

been produced in a format that is recognised by Prepar- ing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PPTL), cover both hand and surface hygiene. The hand hygiene section looks at the impor- tance of hand washing and drying plus when it should be carried out, the best methods andmaterials to use and factors thatmay deter food workers from washing their hands. These

may include, for example, being too busy to wash, find- ing an insufficient number of wash stations in the kitchen, or having access to inade- quate hand washing con- sumables. The surface cleaning sec-

tion talks about the impor- tance of ‘cleaning as you go’ and considers themain pur- pose of surface cleaning, why food contact surfaces need disinfecting, and how bacteria is transferred from one surface to another. hygiene

liable nationwide delivery, Hygiene Stores also provides expert audits for customers, assessing their premises and require- ments to ensure their individual needs are catered for.With detailed experience in a variety of sectors, Hygiene Stores’ ex- pert staff are ideally placed to recommend the best products for your company’s cleaning and janitorial needs, helping to reduce costs and improve stock roomefficiencies. Other features include informative videos on Hygiene Group

and also Hygiene Stores - the company’s janitorial products and services arm- a dedicated news section, downloadable company brochures and all contact information. Steve Bailey,managing director of Hygiene Stores, said: “As

our experience and range of specialist cleaning products goes fromstrength to strength, the time was right for a new web- site. Hosting the entire catalogue online is set to offer added convenience for existing and new customers alike, who we’re confident will find the website useful in planning their cleaning requirements.”



HOWCAN SAM BENEFIT MY COMPANY? Introducing... a touch

of class! Stylish and affordable soap dispensers from UTC in an elegant new satin and chrome finish. Choice of 500ml and 1500ml sizes.

Contact us direct for more information or ask your distributor to speak to us about the range we offer.

• You will be considered for a proposed tender by Government bodies and other major organisations

• It will show you are compliant with health and safety laws and help improve your business productivity.

• You can display your SAM Logo & Certificate on your website to demonstrate your professionalism.

• Market your SAM achievement through Window Talk & other trade magazines. Promote it to clients & contractors.

HOW TO APPLY! 1. Request an application form 2. Complete & return with payment to the FWC. 3. Applications are processed & evaluated by a qualified person.

4. SAM Certificate, ID Card & Logo issued e

t 01403 242 101

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