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WCEC honours

outstanding achievements The Royal ArmyMedical Corps (RAMC), the RAF Environmen- tal Health Cadre, and theWCEC’s affiliated cadet units were recognised for their work and achievements at the annualMil- itary Awards presentation, organised by theWorshipful Com- pany of Environmental Cleaners, which took place on 25 September at the Fishmongers' Hall in London. Environmental health technicians withinmilitary units play a

BICSc annual awards dinner a ‘huge success’

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) an- nual awards dinner 2013 provided a platformto recog- nise and reward those that have excelled in training and assessment across a num- ber of sectors within the cleaning industry. The event itself took place

on 26 September 2013 at the Forest of Arden hotel and country club. The day started with a golf tournament, fol- lowed by the awards in the evening. BICSc would like to thank the following compa- nies for their sponsorship of the event and their prize do- nations for the chairman’s charity raffle: Bunzl (headline sponsor), LCC, Darwin Clay- ton, Rubbermaid, BBS, ISSA, Push, Lonsdale, TheMarriott Forest of Arden, Bees Nees florists, and Nilfisk. The chairman’s charity raf-

fle and Rubbermaid auction raised an impressive £1500 in total for Breast Cancer Care.

The awardwinners

• The BICSc Award for Ex- cellence in Training and As- sessment within an Accredited Training Estab- lishment (HMPS): The Insti- tute works with the prison industry to deliver BICSc as- sessment schemes and training delivery in that sec- tor.Winner - HMP Low Moss; Finalist - HMP Durham; Sponsored by BICSc. • The BICSc Award for Ex- cellence in Training and As- sessment within an Accredited Training Organi- sation: This award is for training and developments within an accredited training organisation, which is ap- proved to deliver BICSc as- sessment schemes and training courses.Winner - Gateshead Council; Finalist - Turner FacilitiesManage- ment; Sponsored by Rubber- maid. • The BICSc Award for Out- standing Student of the Year:

The outstanding student of the year award reflects the achievement of an individual and the award of a BICSc qualification. Students are nominated by an employer, training provider or fellow student, with themain focus being on how the student has been able to achieve an award against adversity or has gone the extramile to complete and receive the qualification within the work- place.Winner - Krystian Witkowski, B.E.L.B. Spon- sored by BBS. • The BICSc Award for the Assessor of the Year: Awards focusing on the delivery of BICSc qualifications have traditionally been focused on the assessment teamand organisation. This year BICSc acknowledged the success of an individual as- sessor who has demon- strated an outstanding level of passion, professionalism and commitment to the striving of excellence for stu- dents and themselves. As- sessors are nominated by an employer, training provider or student, with themain focus being on how the as- sessor has demonstrated their ability to achieve excel- lence.Winner - ColmMc- Grath, Aramark. Sponsored by Darwin Clayton. • The Doreen Heyes Award for Accredited Training Provi- sion within the NHS Trust: This award is based upon the provision of accredited BICSc training for those working in healthcare to provide an in- dustry standard qualification. Doreen Heyes was president and chairman of BICSc dur- ing 1973/74.Winner - Leicester General Hospital. • The Arthur Ayres Regional Award: This award is pre- sented to the BICSc region with the largest growth in membership during the year. The British Institute of Cleaning Science consists of nine regions - London and Home Counties, North East, NorthWest,Midlands, Wales, Scotland, South and

6 l C&M l NOVEMBER 2013 l

SouthWest, East Anglia, Northern Ireland.Winner - London and Home Counties Region. • BICSc International Award for Outstanding Performance in Promotion of the Institute: The award is presented to the individual or organisation that has promoted BICSc training and standards out- side the United Kingdomand achieved recognition of this within the cleaning industry on the international stage. Winner -Master Cleaners Training Institute, New Zealand. • The SholomGordon Award: This is the Institute’s premier award which is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the Institute and the cleaning industry. The award was first presented in 1972 by Sidney Gordon and is a solid silver replica of the Columbus Dixon D1 floor machine.Winner - John Stinton. • The BICSc Award for Client Commitment to Training: This award is presented to BICSc clients that exhibit high levels of support for their contractors, helping themto achieve excellence in training.Winner - PWC/ISS. Sponsored by ISSA. • The Eric HillMedal: Eric Hill was the founder of BICSc. Thismedal is awarded to an individual for past service to the Institute and is primarily for someone who hasmade a great con- tribution to training and edu- cation.Winners of the Eric HillMedal are nominated by the BICSc Council and re- ceive a unique engraved sil- vermedal.Winner - Sue Sharrock. • The BICSc Golf DayWin- ners: Best team- LCC Sup- port Services -Mervyn Perry, Jon Horton, Derek Lafbery, Peter Hadfield; Best individ- ual - Shaun Harper; Longest drive - Shaun Harper; Near- est the pin - Kevin Day. Sponsored by LCC.

crucial role in promoting andmaintaining health and the pre- vention of disease. The job involves advising on all aspects of environmental health, health and safety, occupational hygiene, and environmental protection, both in the barracks and under field conditions at home and abroad.

TheWorshipful Company supports this education and train-

ing as part of itsmission tomaintain high standards of prac- tice and integrity within the cleaning industry. Trophies,medals and purses were presented as follows:

• Private Nicole Jackson - Junior NCO EHT Award. • Sergeant Paul Hamnett - Senior NCO EHT Award. • Sergeant Kate Shields - RAF EHT Award. • Captain Yvonne Gardner - Territorial Army (TA) EHT Award. • CaptainMatthew Greenfield - PGMO General Practice Award. • Ordinary Cadet Ben Hinves - Best Sea Cadet. •Marine Cadet One Elizabeth Petrie - BestMarine Cadet. • Lance Corporal Esther Ansah-Asamoah - Best Army Cadet. • Cadet Sergeant Lucinda Conder - Best Air Training Corps Cadet. MaureenMarden,Master of theWorshipful Company of En-

vironmental Cleaners, said: “It was an honour and a privilege to be able to present these dedicated and professional young people with their awards. I have been lucky enough to attend a number of these events over the years, and they have never failed to fillme with an enormous amount of admiration and pride at our association with the RAMC, RAF Environmental Health Cadre, and our three affiliated Cadet Units - Training Ship Narvik, 75 Detachment (RAMC), and 50F Squadron. The awards recognise a very high standard of skill, knowledge and dedication, and all the winners should be justly proud of their achievements. All of themshared a number of commendable characteristics including enthusiasm, commitment, profi- ciency, flexibility and, above all, support for others. I wish every one of the winners a very long and rewarding future.”

Kärcher claims victory in ‘activatedwater’ case

Kärcher has reported that, following a decision by the Stuttgart Regional Court, so-called ‘activated water’ is no more effective than tap water. The statement went on to say that Tennant’s advertising claims ascribing the cleaning power of an all-purpose cleaner to water ‘activated’ using the ec-H2O technology are anti-competitive. The court’s de- cision is now legally binding and, according to Kärcher, Ten- nant has withdrawn its appeal. “We were always confident that the facts and evidence

would prevail in the end,” said Simon Keeping,MD of Kärcher UK Ltd. “With the withdrawal of the appeal the court’s decision is now legally effective: ec-H2O cleans no better than tap water.We believe that the court decision is a success that benefits all customers.“ The judgement heavily relied on the findings of the inde-

pendent expert Thomas Hofmann (Zurich University of Ap- plied Sciences) who had been appointed by the court. Besides Kärcher, other competitors and associations had carried out scientific studies as well as practical tests re- garding the alleged cleaning effect.

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