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Miele Professional mop washer innovation hits UK shores

Contract cleaning is a demanding business. The reliable cleaning of floors and other surfaces requires a great deal of expertise. Cleaners need to be able to rely on their equipment to ensure that the highest hygiene levels are maintained each and every day.

Miele Professional is introducing a new generation of washer-extractors, the “MopStar” range, for contract cleaners and other businesses in the cleaning industry. These machines have been developed specifically with the challenges of the workplace in mind, guaranteeing the perfect reprocessing of mops, cloths, work wear and other textiles.

Miele Professional are introducing two sizes in the MopStar range, the MopStar 60 with a load capacity of 6.5kg and the MopStar 130 with a load capacity of 13kg. Using a patented process, mops and cloths can be impregnated with detergent or disinfectant, rendering them ready for quick re-use. This process can save cleaners considerable time and money. Of course, these machines also have easy-to-use controls simplifying everyday routines for the user. This article will outline how these revolutionary machines work and the benefit they can provide for cleaning businesses.

Patented technology for greater cleanliness

Immaculate cleanliness is only one of the many demands placed on those in the cleaning profession. Hygiene is of utmost importance, especially in environments such as care homes where infection can spread quickly: used mops and cleaning cloths must be thoroughly washed and disinfected before they are re- used in order to contain the risk of spreading infection.

Both of these machines can wash textiles so that they are ready-to-use immediately, saving businesses both time and money.

Different cleaning cycles

The MopStar machines have a wide range of different cleaning cycles (22 in total) ensuring that any cleaning requirement has its own unique cycle.

MopStar 60 has a 6.5kg load capacity whilst the MopStar 130 can take up to 13Kg

The MopStars all have a pre- spinning cycle which ensures that mops are cleaned and that wash cycles are as short as possible. Starting the cycle with a spin has the effect of removing coarse soil and dirty water, allowing a greater volume of fresh water to enter the machine in the main wash. At the same time, this also removes any detergent or surface active substance residue, allowing textiles to absorb more tensides from the new detergent. The machines in the MopStar series can wash and impregnate up to 68 cotton or 100 micro-fibre mops (depending on the size of the model).

These include special cycles for mops and cleaning cloths, to programmes for thermal and chemical disinfection. Temperatures and holding times can also be set depending on the businesses requirements. There is also a particular programme especially for brand new mops - making them fully absorbent from first use. Furthermore, the machines can also cater for heavily soiled equipment insuring that the cycle ends with a chemically cleaned machine. This means that if the user needs to wash curtains or workwear shortly after heavily soiled, potentially dangerous, items,

then that’s no problem - the machine’s cycle will end with a fully disinfected machine.

Furthermore, residual moisture can be set to one of four different settings - meaning that no matter how dirty the laundry, the machine will be able to effectively clean the load.

Gentle treatment of mops

Longevity is of course also of utmost importance to facilities managers and contract cleaners – mops and cleaning cloths are expensive. Like all Miele Professional washers, the MopStar machines are equipped with the patented Miele honeycomb drum. The sculpted, hexagonal, surface of this drum creates a thin film of water between textiles and the body of the drum. The tiny drum perforations reduce

the strain on fabrics which significantly reduces the chance of holes forming within the fabric, thus ensuring that cleaning materials last longer and additional costs are kept to a minimum.

The MopStars are available in 6.5 and 13 Kg load capacities - (MOPSTAR 60 and MOPSTAR 130)

For more information on the MopStar range visit or call

0844 893 6907

Above: With a range of different cleaning cycles, the MopSter ensures that any cleaning requirement has its own unique cycle.

Below: The MopStars all have a pre-spinning cycle to ensure mops are cleaned and that wash cycles are as short as possible.

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