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NewProducts The perfect fit MicroSnap obtains AOAC approval

We’ve all heard the saying about bad workmen blaming their tools. But formany staff involved in healthcare hygiene across the UK, sub-standard equipment could be hampering performance. June Clafton, sales manager at, reports on the importance of protective aprons.

comfort and irritation of wearing poorly fitting cloth- ing. But whilst clothing that doesn’t fit properly in a per- sonal context can be uncom- fortable and annoying, in a professional one, it can hin- der performance, reduce morale and even contribute to increased infection risks. Historically, disposable

The importance of disposable polythene aprons to today’s healthcare hygiene operation is irrefutable. Fromthe largest hospital to the small- est care home, these prod- ucts are employed to help control infection and provide the best possible patient care. But to a degree, their effec-

tiveness has alsomade them a victimof their own success. Some apronmanufacturers as well as individuals in- volved further along in the procurement process have adopted an almost ‘if it isn’t broke, why fix it?’mentality., however, cer- tainly isn’t one of them. A specialist division of BPI

(British Polythene Industries) - Europe’s largestmanufac- turer of polythene films, bags and aprons - has recently extended its dis- posable apron range as a di- rect result of its focus on continued innovation as well as feedback fromits cus- tomers. Specifically, it is challenging the whole notion of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solu- tion. For some reason,most of

us at some point in our lives have had to endure the dis-

polythene aprons for health- care hygiene and infection control operations have only been offered in a restricted range of standard sizes. That’s great if you’reMr,Mrs, orMiss Average - but let’s face it, these days, who is? In today’s world, people - like hospital hygiene operations - come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. To accommodate this real

world diversity, care has launched a new and more ergonomic apron de- sign. This design includes a wider neckline whichmakes the apron easier to put on and take off. In addition, broader coverage at the shoulder and torso delivers a greater degree of protection, whilst to increase the ease and efficiency of fastening, the apron ties have been moved lower down, putting themmore comfortably within reach. These ties are also thicker,making them less likely to snap. will always

be committed to enhancing the success of our cus- tomers. As part of this, we recognise the need to be proactive and responsive. If challenges, requirements or other considerations change, our products need to change to address them.

New laundry & foodservice website

Electrolux Professional has launched a new common UK website for both its foodservice and commercial laundry so- lutions. Customers and partners will now be able to find both foodservice and commercial laundry content in one lo- cation online, which will be particularly valuable for cus- tomers in need of products across both areas. Online users will now be able to navigate by product type

or solution required, as well as gain access to a log-in area where they will be able to obtain technical documentation and exclusive product information. The site will also host up to date news, event information, video training and case- studies.

Conference Organised by:

The MicroSnap test for Col- iform and E. coli from Hy- giena has been certified by the AOAC Research Insti- tute’s Performance Tested Methods Program. MicroS- nap is a rapid detection sys- tem based on the utilisation of specific substrates linked to a light emitting reaction. It is claimed to be the only mi- crobiology test to give results in eight hours or less using a simple, low cost, portable in- strument platform. Certification by the AOAC

Research Institute means that customers can use the test with confidence know- ing that all claims are inde- pendently verified against strict validation criteria and international reference methods. The rapid results enable food and beverage processors to get actionable information in the same working day or shift that en- able cost savings and in- creased productivity through

faster risk assessment and positive release of sensitive products. MicroSnap’s performance

was certified to measure both Coliform and E. coli in a wide range of products in- cluding raw and cooked meat and fish, milk, mineral water and ready-to-eat prod- ucts such as sandwiches and green salad leaves. Mi- croSnap can be applied to many other products and the integrated swab provides a simple application for testing solid surfaces. Other tests in the MicroS-

nap range include total vi- able count and newly devel- oped tests include Enterobacteriacaea and Lis- teria. All tests are performed on the EnSure instrument which is also capable of measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for hy- giene monitoring at both standard and high sensitivity formats, and together with another enzyme specific test (ZymoSnap), acts as process monitors for both the diary and meat industries.

Minimising the effect of spills

Adler and Allan has launched a new website providing a range of vital equipment and spill kits to help clean up and minimise the impact of on-site polluting spills. The ‘Spill Care website' - -

features essential products suitable for all potential incidents from small to large-scale sites, including fuel and marine lo- cations.

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