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 Warehouse Cleaning

Greenwarehouse cleaning - with a buy-back guarantee

Warehouse and depot cleaning is definitely where it gets tough. Cleaning contractors mustmanage cleaning around stock that is often fastmoving. In some cases the facility is operational 24/7 and cleaningmust never interfere with warehouse operations. Cleaningmethods are generally dictated

by the nature of the goods being stored. Food storage facilities will naturally have higher hygiene standards, whilst cold store and chiller facilities present unique chal- lenges. Many different floor types, soil levels,

racking systems and shift patterns add to the complexity. An experienced contractor will select cleaning equipment wisely and look to reduce both the numbers ofma- chines and overall running costs.

The first hybrid sweeper/scrubber

A combination sweeper/scrubber fromNil- fisk has been acclaimed for its ecological credentials in the warehouse sector. The CS7000 is available in threemodels: the LPG-hybrid and ePower battery versions are designed for indoor use whilst the diesel-hybrid engine drivenmachine is per- fect for outdoors. Allmodels have been de- signed to reduce the cost of operation, labour, andmaintenance, whilst effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime effi- ciency. New productivity standards have been set at 7756 squaremetres per hour. A unique feature of the CS7000 is a hot

water scrubbing facility which provides ex- cellent cleaning performance.Water is heated up to 55 degrees and can be used with or without concentrated chemical as required. The CS7000 utilises state of the art elec-

tric drive technology enabling reduced emissions with the LPG and dieselmodels and emission-free indoor operation with the ePower technology on the batterymod- els. The electric hybrid technologymeans

The CS7000 utilises state of the art electric drive technology enabling reduced emissionswith the LPG and diesel models and emission-free indoor operation with the ePower technology on the batterymodels.

that the engine drives a large alternator to generate electricity and a 36 volt battery pack provides energy storage. This hybrid systemprovides a claimed fuel saving of up to 30%.

Day to day functionality

Reducing the overall cost of cleaning is a prime objective for the Nilfisk-Advance Group. Day to day functionality, however, is critical to operational teams, so what does the CS7000 have to offer? • 1540mmsweeping path, 1245mmscrub width. • One touch scrub and sweep functionality fromthe dashboard. • Adjustable steering wheel. • Up to 182kg of brush pressure for tough applications. • High level dump systemto amaximum height of 152cm. • 284 litre solution and recovery tanks.

•Wash hose kit provides for easy cleaning of recovery tank. • High pressure washer. • Hot water scrubbing up to 55 degrees. • No tools replacement of consumable parts. • The ecological option of the Ecoflex sys- tem. • Side skirts can be raised for double scrubbing. • 5.4 hours run time on the ePower battery version. • Optional dustguard system.

Buy-back guarantee

Nilfisk is now offering a residual value, buy back guarantee which is included in the original quotation. This allows the cus- tomer to get up to 10%of the original in- vestment back at the end of the equipment contract term. This option allows the user the opportu-

nity to review the suitability of the existing machine against the current needs of the business. 10%of the original value can therefore be automatically returned or in- vested in a newmodel.

Hybrid technology versus hydraulic systems

Another innovative feature of the CS7000 is the elimination of large hydraulic reser- voirs, filters and oil coolers as well as 98% of leak prone hydraulic hoses, pumps,mo- tors and valves. The hydraulic functions are replaced by intelligently controlled electric drives resulting in fewer components and decreasedmaintenance costs. In comparison to hydraulic systems, the

hybrid technology allows for smallermore compact equipment and lower fuel con- sumption providing for a saving of up to 30%.

0%finance offer on sweeper range

Kärcher is now offering 0%finance on its extensive range of sweepers,making it easier to keep indoor and outdoor areas safe, dust-free and well presented. Kärcher sweepers combine ease of use,

clever ergonomics and optimal efficiency tomake light work of keeping floors clean and tidy. Fromcompact, lightweight push sweepers through to fully hydraulic ride- onmachines with 600 litre capacity, Kärcher sweepers offer you a simple and effective solution for cleaning your busi- ness. For fast, regular clearing of pathways,

patios, car parks and indoor areas, simple push sweepers like the KM70/20 Cmake life easy - sweepingmany times faster and collectingmore dust than a broom, and with considerably less physical effort. Formediumto large indoor or outdoor

28 l C&M l NOVEMBER 2013 l

areas, powered sweepers like the KM75/40 Ware a great choice, thanks to their bat- tery or petrol power and neat features like the litter flap. And Kärcher’s KM80Wis a compact petrol-powered sweeper that dou- bles up as a snowmover, giving you year- round value. For daily sweeping or larger areas, ride-

on sweepers like the KM 90/60 R Adv in- clude all the features of a walk-behind sweeper, but with greater capacity, a comfortable seated driving position and the ability to carry accessories like sweeping brooms and litter bags on the machine. Whatever your requirement, Kärcher has

the right sweepingmachine for you, sup- ported by the UK’s largest network of dis- tributors and service agents.

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