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NewProducts ECOrange: ecological, economical, reliable

As customers develop a stronger ecological aware- ness and as hygiene stan- dards are challenged to ensure further efficiency and safety, cleaning service com- panies need sustainable so- lutions which will serve both their business needs and their customers’ expecta- tions. Such requirements can lead to increasing costs. With this in mind, Bright-

well Dispensers has devel- oped the ECOrange, a comprehensive collection of dosing and diluting equip- ment designed to meet the requirements of the industry:

safety, efficiency, precision, ecology, all ultimately lead- ing to cost reduction. Connected to mains water,

ECOMIX dilutes chemicals into water, providing ready-to- use solutions with the simple push of a button. ECOSHOT will dose a preset amount of concentrated chemical into a bottle which the end-user manually tops-up with water. Both systems are built on the same innovative features based on unit flexibility and chemical precision, offering you a range of professional equipment which will fit any environment, regardless of

Smooth duct cleaning service Continued fromPage 20.

Colin Mason, regional

sales manager of System Hygienics, said: “We were working on critical operating theatre ventilation systems and could, of course, only do this delicate work while the theatres weren’t in use. That meant phasing the work over several weekends. We needed to programme the job carefully to ensure we had access to all areas at the times that were most convenient to the client and this involved considerable consultation with the hospi- tals’ estates managers.” The team cleaned and

disinfected the ductwork using System Hygienics’ Jetvent powervac system, a remote cleaning method

water pressure, maintenance possibilities or staff training opportunities. Brightwell also enables you to lock the dispenser,

and to distribute the prod- ucts under your own com- pany name to increase your brand exposure.

Catalogue for spray nozzle range

Bete Ltd, the spray nozzle specialist, has recently published a new product catalogue which represents the most compre- hensive guide ever produced for its extensive range of spray nozzles, spray applications and spray technology. The 129 page catalogue includes a new tank wash section,

a new air-atomising nozzle range, an updated spray lance section, along with all the new and improved product ranges introduced over the last six years. Available online or in hard copy, the catalogue covers spray nozzles for all applications.

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that employs compressed air and a powerful filtered vac- uum to access and clean areas that would normally be out of reach. By using the Jetvent, the

company’s engineers were able to reach up to 50 metres of ductwork from a single point, utilising existing main- tenance and inspection openings - ideal for fast and effective cleaning. Once the cleaning work was com- pleted, they took microbio- logical samples to confirm that the ductwork was clean enough to meet standards. The engineers also tested

all of the fire dampers in the ventilation system to ensure compliance with the Regula- tory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the BS9999:2008 Annex W.1,


which covers routine inspec- tion and maintenance of ven- tilation ductwork and states that, depending on the type and style of dampers, they should be checked at a max- imum interval of 12 months for spring operated fire dampers and two years for other types. Post-cleaning reports con-

taining before and after pho- tographs, certificates of analysis from microbiologi- cal samples and a certificate of cleanliness were then pro- duced to confirm that the

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systems had been cleaned in accordance with B&ES TR/19 standards and to meet the requirements of the Department of Health’s Health Technical Memoran- dum (HTM) 03-01 - ‘Spe- cialised Ventilation in Healthcare Premises’, which gives guidance on the legal requirements, design implications, maintenance and operation of specialised ventilation in healthcare premises. www.

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