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 Contracts Recycling focus atCoventryUniversity

Coventry University has joined forces with Leafield Environmental to run a recy- cling trial in two faculty de- partments using the new MiniMeridian bin as part of its strategic plan to reach 80%recycling rates by 2015. TheMiniMeridian (87

litres) was designed and manufactured especially for Coventry University tomeet its specifications for a bin to fit an office environment. The Mini is an evolution of the originalMeridian bin (110 litres) which was launched in conjunction with Greenwich University in 2012.

Hire fleet broadened

Southampton based distributor,Wessex Cleaning Equip- ment, has supplemented its hire fleet with a large number of scrubber dryers fromNilfisk. Established in 1991Wessex provides industrial cleaning

hire, sales, service and janitorial supply to a wide range of blue chip clients and SMEs across the south of England. Brand new scrubber dryers being added to the fleet include the 66cmBA651 pedestrianmachine and the 71cmride on BR755. Luke Powell, sales director atWessex, said: “The acquisi-

tion of scrubber dryers fromNilfisk is part of a continued in- vestment in the hire fleet that we established in 2002. Clients often have a short termrequirement for quality equipment, and it is essential that we can respond quickly. Nilfisk has been a partner of ours formany years.” Wessex Cleaning Equipment provides a range of equip-

ment fromtub vacuums through to outdoor sweepers. Its client base is supported by a teamof factory trained engi- neers who provide service and repair facilities both onsite or within a purpose built workshop. LeighMason, sales director for Nilfisk UK, said: “The team

atWessex is great to work with, and this initiative compli- ments our national hire strategy very well.”

Leafield'smanaging direc-

tor, PhilMaddox, said: "The unit can be adapted to fit any environment with different waste streamlids suitable for different sites fromlec- ture theatres and class- rooms to libraries and kitchen areas." Coventry University’s envi-

ronmental sustainability offi- cer, Selina Fletcher, said: "We currently have different types of bins in different lo- cations, so there is no easy way tomaintain effective control over waste disposal. However, we have done somemanual calculations,

Renshaw Napier, a leading supplier of ingredients to bakerymanufacturers, has turned to Hygiene Group to handle the cleaning of its production facility in Liver- pool. Supplyingmarzipan,

sugar paste, icing sugars and almond pastes toman- ufacturers and retailers, Renshaw Napier’smanu- facturing site poses several hygiene challenges includ- ing compliance with aller- gen standards due to the processing of nuts.With ex- perience of contract clean- ing within the food manufacturing industry and an indepth knowledge of legislation and standards, Hygiene Group was ap- pointed tomanage the complex cleaning require- ments of the facility and has put in place a dedicated team. As well as general clean-

ing of amenities including offices, Hygiene provides a variety of services to Ren- shaw Napier including end- of-run and deep cleaning of

Three-year contractwith

MidKentCollege Nviro has won a three-year contract withMidKent Col- lege, supplying cleaning services to theMaidstone and newly renovatedMedway campuses. The contract, worth in excess of £1.5mil- lion, will provide a night time cleaning regime to both campuses. A dedicated contractman-

ager will work across both locations to give stability and consistency of high stan- dards to the contract. Nviro has introduced ‘teamclean- ing’ across both campuses and each teamwill be

headed by a teamleader. Thismethod of cleaning in a group ensuresmaximum productivity fromthe whole teamas there are no lone working situations, and it’s more energy efficient due to lights being turned on and off in each area that is cleaned. MidKent College is a fur-

ther education establish- ment with around 8500 students aged 16 and up- wards studying at both cam- puses. In 2009 £86million was spent on building the newMedway campus and

20 l C&M l NOVEMBER 2013 l

after opening in 2010, a £22 million refurbishment in 2012 was carried out on the Maidstone campus to bring its facilities up to the stan- dard of the ultra-modern Medway location. As part of the contract

Nviro has introduced new, highly efficientmachinery to improve productivity, thus driving down costs and im- proving quality. In total, in ex- cess of £30,000 of new machinery has been in- stalled across the contract. Brian Warren, managing

director of Nviro, said: “Nviro is proud to have been selected to provide our cleaning solution to the stu- dents and staff at MidKent College. We are committed

production processes and packing lines, scheduled cleaning of high level struc- tures, and perimeter clean- ing around the plant. For this particular facility cleaning at height is a key requirement, demanding a variety of ac- cess solutions fromHy- giene’s operatives who are all trained in high-level cleaning programmes. MikeWaine of Renshaw

Napier said: “Our customers demand the highest quality ingredients which adhere ex- actly to food hygiene legisla- tion and, as we work with many allergens including nuts, we want tomake sure our products are safe for eventual consumers. Hy- giene Group easily demon-

to ensuring that the college benefits from our knowl- edge and expertise which is vital in maintaining the up- keep of the £11 million restoration works recently

strated its expertise and ex- perience inmaintaining clean, contaminant-free foodmanufacturing facili- tiesmeaning its teams are ideal for the job.” Hygiene’s contractman-

ager,MikeMoritz, added: “Renshaw Napier needed an expert cleaning com- pany that could be flexible enough to work around production demand, work effectively at height, and had in-depth knowledge of allergen standards. Hy- giene’s commitment to training and our experience of working with other pro- ducers of bakery supplies, allowed us to fulfil all those criteria.”

carried out onsite. I look for- ward to us developing a lasting partnership with the college in the years to come.”

Smooth duct cleaning service

SystemHygienics has successfully completed a challenging but vital ventilation ductwork cleaning project at Gartnavel General Hospital and theWestern Infirmary, both in the west end of Glasgow. The contract, for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde health

board, involved thoroughly cleaning the ductwork that sup- plies fresh air to 18 busy operating theatres - 12 at the Gart- naval Hospital and six atWestern Infirmary - as well as cleaning around 20 toilet extract systems in the two hospitals. By scheduling workmainly at weekends, SystemHygienics

was able tominimise disruption during the project, which was completed over a six-week period.

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which we've used as a basis to improve recycling rates and, by introducing theMini Meridian bins, which allow us to separatemixed recy- cling and general waste, we can now dispose of rubbish muchmore efficiently.We were impressed with the units because the bases are made from100%recycled plastic, feature different waste streamlids and a sig- nage kit to engage and edu- cate users to recycle. The university aims to continually improve the percentage of recycling against non recy- cled waste year by year, en-

suring that targets aremet if not exceeded, and will be re- flected in our position in the People and Planet Green League." Features of the new bins

include: • Flat back for locating against a wall or back to back. • Optional A3 signage. •WRAP compliant colour coded lids and graphics. • Lids can be split 70/30 or 30/40/30. • Space for customer logo on front of bin. •Waste streams:mixed re- cycling, general waste, plas- tics, paper, food waste, cans and liquids. Bakery supplier appoints cleaning specialist

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