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Perfect: 100%IOSH accreditation achieved

Aberdeen based cleaning service company, Perfect Shine, has - it claims - become the first window cleaning service in the UK to acquire Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) accreditation for all itsman- agers, supervisors and operators. The Federation ofWindow Cleaners

(FWC) has worked in conjunction with IOSH, the world's largest professional health and safetymembership organisation, to provide itsmembers with the opportunity to under- take the CleaningWindows Safely and Risk Assessment courses. Established in 2008, Perfect Shine, which

employs 13 field staff, recently attended the one-day course in order to enhance its em- ployees’ awareness of the safe use and risk assessment of water fed poles and portable ladders. Becoming the first window cleaning service in the UK to achieve universal certifi- cation demonstrates that the company is committed to a strict standard of safety.

Perfect Shine, has acquired IOSH accreditation for all itsmanagers, supervisors and operators.

Steve Kennedy, managing director, said:

“When you have staff working at heights or even ground level, it is imperative that they are safeguarded at all times. The training that each of our staff has under- taken with the FWC has helped themto

Online training fromtheWoolSafe Academy

In line with theWoolSafe Organisation’s business ethos to provide widely accessible and useful information free of charge to consumers and retailers alike, theWoolSafe Academy website has been developed as a valuable re- source of advice and training for those involved in carpet care. The onlineWoolSafe Academy is comprehensive, easy to use and provides a wealth of helpfulmaterial for car-

pet care professionals. Details ofWoolSafe training courses are listed and include nationwide classroomcourses as well as online and distance learning options. Available to book immediately for anyone looking to undertake ad- ditional qualifications, become a Fibre Care Specialist, or gain expertise in carpet complaint investigations, the training is delivered by industry experts in the field. The site also contains downloadable tech files, and a library section which links directly to latest industry litera-

ture and articles, as well as an online store that stocks essential tools of the trade including guidemanuals and pHmeters. Best of all, to access all of the above is completely free! Steve Bakker,marketingmanager, theWoolSafe Organisation, said: “The resources offered by theWoolSafe

Academy are there for all to take advantage of. Fromthose new to the industry to those that have been involved in carpet care services for years, this is the place to keep in touch with all the latest industry developments, as we believe you can always learn something new.We would encourage all to capitalise on the benefits of having expert advice and training opportunities online to promote everyday excellence.”

better understand the environment that they work in, reducing the overall risks as- sociated with our industry.” The operators at Perfect Shine carry out

all risk assessments prior to commencing work using their safe systemof work process, such as the Thermopure reach and wash system. Operators have had no reportable incidents to date and are justifi- ably proud of their record. FWC executive, Scott Smith, said: “Com-

panies can use the accredited training courses as a tool in gaining more busi- ness, particularly with public bodies such as local authorities and NHS Trusts. The risk assessment course can show compa- nies how to put controls in place and draft out the potential risks, allowing operators to assess their environment prior to carry- ing out their service. This is a cost-effec- tive asset to a company which clients will benefit from.” Perfect Shine has an annual turnover of

£640,000 and aims to hit £1 million by 2014. Its client portfolio derives from both the commercial and residential sector. These include large oil and gas firms, fi- nancial services, and supermarket chains, as well as residential property factoring and the National Trust for Scotland's his- toric buildings and other large country homes and estates. Kennedy continued: “I highly recom-

mend cleaning services to undergo the training sessions made available by the FWC - not only the management but each individual employee - so that when a client has been sent an operator with these ac- creditations it will reassure themthat the service will be carried out accurately and safely.”





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