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Making lightwork of spots and stains

Truvox International has ex- panded its Hydromist range of carpet cleaners with the launch of the Hydromist 13 Pro-Spotter. This lightweight, compact,

andmanoeuvrable carpet and upholstery spray extrac- tor is an addition to the Hy- dromist range, suitable for use in locations such as small pubs and clubs, ho- tels, offices, care homes, schools, colleges and univer-

sities. Its features and bene- fits include: • 13-litre capacity,making it suitable for smaller cleaning jobs. • Two-stage vacuummotor with 89 inches of water lift. • Expandable vacuumand solution hose that reaches from0.76-3.04mwhich can be stored in themachine base for easy transport. • Robust 7.6cmupholstery tool helps clean soft furnish-

ings, upholstery, small fabric pieces and deals with gen- eral spotting. • Telescopic handle for easy transport between cleaning jobs. GordonMcVean, sales and

marketing director at Truvox International, said: “The Hy- dromist 13 Pro-Spotter is a an easy to use and compact machine that can be used in a number of facilities. It is ideal for touch-ups, spot re- moval between scheduled full carpet cleans, and for cleaning smaller areas of carpeting.” Newentrance protectionmatting range launched

Making a good first impres- sion is all important in today’s commercial world and a clean entrance hall or lobby is vital in helping to create a professional wel- come for your customers. Contico’s new range of en- trance protectionmatting can help. Frontbrush heavy traffic in-

dustrial entrancematting is made fromcoarsemono-fil- ament nylon fibres inter- twined with carpet fibre which aggressively scrapes and removes heavy soil, grit

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ways accurate and to the correct specification for superior cleaning performance with no wastage. There is no need to prepare solution before starting work, or to rinse the tank af- terwards, which eliminates product wastage and saves time before and after the shift. Pouches containing different prod- ucts for a range of applications and floor types can be swapped easily. These remain safely sealed when not mounted in the machine and can be reused whenever re- quired. This promotes safety when handling, eliminates product wastage and improves productivity by eliminating time spent preparing solutions during or prior to work. The use of advanced materials and long life components

promotes machine uptime while minimising service and re- pair costs. The newly-designed squeegee and brush cou- pling/uncoupling simplifies machine preparation and maintenance. These components can also be removed with- out touching the brushes and pads which enhances operator safety, especially in applications where broken glass or other sharp items could be collected. Routine and daily tasks are simplified by a number of features also found on other Taski machines. For example, all parts needing frequent mainte- nance checks, such as squeegee, brushes and filters, are coloured yellow for easy identification and simpler operator training, and can be removed without tools. Operator convenience and productivity is enhanced with a

start/stop function. This allows all machine settings includ- ing solution flow level, brush pressure and Eco mode to be stored at the push of a button at the end of a cleaning opera- tion. These saved settings are automatically used when the machine is restarted so that cleaning can commence imme- diately. The Taski swingo 5000 is available with a number of battery

options. Depending on battery choice and the type of applica- tion, the machine can operate for up to six hours between recharges, enough for a full working day. An on-board charger incorporates a management system which monitors the charging process. During machine operations it also pre- vents deep discharge which could potentially damage the battery or limit its working life.

32 l C&M l NOVEMBER 2013 l

and dirt fromshoes and boots. Designed to withstand repeated commercial wash- ing, thesemats are certified slip-resistant and come with a 100%nitrile rubber back- ing which prevents curling and cracking. They provide a firmand hardwearing en- trancemat perfect for facto- ries and busy workplace entrances, and are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Frontabsorbmicrofibre en-

trancematting has been de- signed to absorb eight times

Microfibre kit enables high level dusting

Vikan’s new Easy Hi Dust Mi- crofibre Kit offers a complete high-level dusting solution in one box. Reaching heights of up to 5m, difficult-to-clean areas such as stairwells and pipework can now be cleaned with ease. The Vikan kit contains three

interior mop microfibre sleeves, three microfibre gloves, an interior mop holder, and a high-reach tel- escopic handle. The microfi- bre gloves are ideal for cleaning hand rails, stainless steel and other detail work. The interior mop head can

be flexed to clean pipes, high ledges and even behind radi- ators. The telescopic handle enables reach of up to 5m, making high-level dusting easy and offering a safer al- ternative to using ladders with conventional equipment. Vikan’s ultra microfibre

its own weight in dirt and moisture.Made from100% microfibre super absorbent fibres, thesemats stop rain bornmoisture and dirt in its tracks, providing cost effec- tive protection for expensive carpets and entrance floor- ing. Available in three popu- lar sizes, thesemats are vinyl backed to prevent slip- page and damage to existing flooring. Frontguard washable lux- ury entrancematting is a

range of 9mmhigh pilemats developed for use inmain entrance halls and lobbies. Made from100%polyamide synthetic fibre, themats in- corporate a flexible PVC anti- slip UV resistant backing and will effectively stop dirt at the door and holdmoisture too. Launderable in commercial washingmachines up to 30oC, thesemats are avail- able in five colour versions. www.

dusting system works using an electro static charge de- signed to pick up more dirt than traditional methods, which tend to scatter rather than collect. The telescopic handle is also interchange- able with other Vikan kits, such as EasyShine, itself de- signed for cleaning windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, stain- less steel and other high- gloss surfaces, using just water. Suitable for new contract

mobilisations, the kit simpli- fies the order process and provides cost-effective dust- ing equipment, all in one box.

The POD - reduce paper consumption by up to 20%

Kennedy has introduced the Paper POD, a mechanical auto-cut paper towel dis- penser that can assist in re- ducing paper consumption by up to 20%* thanks to its reserve system. The POD is a mechanical

auto-cut paper towel dis- penser that provides single use paper portions for hy- gienic hand drying and, with its compact size, contempo- rary design and translucent blue cover, the unit inte- grates with the rest of Kennedy`s washroom dis- penser range. Thanks to the reserve sys-

tem, with its built-in patented stub roll loading mechanism, a new roll can be loaded into the dispenser before the previous roll has

been fully used. When the stub roll has been fully used the mechanism transfers to the new full size roll. The re- serve system prevents the paper from running out at the end of the roll, and en- sures that no unused paper remains on the stub roll. The POD has been de-

signed to accommodate a large variety of paper rolls - various roll lengths, diame- ters, widths, and paper thickness, 1-ply or 2-ply. This flexibility is what makes the POD a suitable choice for non proprietary auto-cut paper dispensers. For cus- tomers who prefer to source paper rolls together with the dispenser, Kennedy can offer a standard 2-ply 110 metre paper roll. For large customers who

may require a proprietary so- lution compatible with their specific paper roll only, Kennedy`s in house team of designers and engineers are happy to offer tailor-made product adaptations. www.kennedy-

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