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NURSERIES • Market Opportunities

moving products and supplies within the nursery and for towing nursery carts. The compact size fits better between nursery rows. Kubota util- ity vehicles are also used to transport supplies and people and pull carts. Nursery owners generally chose die- sel models because it’s easier to have diesel on site as opposed to the more heavily regulated gasoline, Curry says. For working and maintaining fields, OVS supplies Gearmore and Spotlyte pull-behind sprayers as well as tillers, blades and soil conditioners from Land Pride.

“One of the big ‘pluses’ in selling Land Pride is its partnership with Kubota. The attachments have been engineered to fit the tractors,” Curry says. Also, Land Pride attachments can be wrapped into the financing for new Kubota tractors. Craig Hines, president of Hines Equipment, a Kubota and New Holland dealership in Rocky Mount, N.C., says the nurseries in his area mainly grow container plants. Pulling carts is the main task for the compact tractors he sells and nursery owners also pur- chase loaders with oversize buckets for moving and mixing soils. “They’re not looking for anything special. They want something that’s easy to drive and maintain,” Hines says. Rob Pauley, vice president and co-

owner of Pauley Equipment, a Kubota dealership with three locations in California, says his nursery customers have similar needs, mainly towing carts. “They purchase ‘bare-bones’ trac- tors. They don’t want the bells and whistles or creature comforts because the purchaser is not the one driving the tractor,” says Pauley. “They want durability because they really rack up a lot of hours.”

The tree nurseries in White Star Machinery’s region use a variety of equipment and implements. White Star is a Bobcat dealership with five loca- tions in Kansas and Oklahoma. Nick Morris, White Star salesperson, sells compact track loaders and attach- ments, such as pallet forks, tree spades and nursery jaws. The equipment and

Nick Morris is sales representative for White Star Machinery of Tulsa, Okla., a Bobcat dealership. His dealership pro- motes pre-season service equipment checks and sends a service truck to larger nurseries.

attachments help operators dig out and load trees.

He says the track loaders help nurs- eries move between rows and operate even in muddy conditions and have the power to pull 40-foot trailers loaded with trees.

Everglades Farm Equipment, a John Deere dealership with 12 loca- tions in Florida, serves a large nurs-

ery market, both tree and potted plant operations. Rick Puig, sales represen- tative, says his nurseries use compact and subcompact tractor for jobs simi- lar to nurseries around the country. The attachments he sells include post hole diggers, Frontier tilling equipment and WorkSaver tree booms. Gator util- ity vehicles also fill in for pulling carts and transporting people and supplies. “They’re keeping skid steers for 4-5 years and keeping tractors longer, maybe 10-12 years,” Puig says. “They keep their attachments when they buy new tractors.”

Pantano of Pantano Power Equipment sells a variety of power tools to the nurseries in his area. Trimmers with extended poles trim growing trees and lighter-duty trim- mers maintain hedges. Chain saws cut up trees that didn’t sell and need to be removed from the lot.

Pantano also sells mowers for main- taining areas between rows, generally models in the 60-72 inch cut range. He says Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are

Sanders Nursery Needs Equipment That’s Ready to Work

Jim Sanders, 68, says he’s been working in dirt most of his life.

“When I turned 18, I went to California because I wasn’t going to work in dirt like my dad. Then, I figured out working in dirt wasn’t so bad,” he says. His dad, Sam Sanders, founded a nursery in the late 1940s. Today, the nursery is two operations. Sanders owns Sanders Wholesale Nursery, Inola, Okla., a wholesale tree opera- tion. A separate operation is Sanders Nursery & Distribution Center, which is owned by the Berry Family of Nurseries and is one of Oklahoma’s largest nurseries. It has locations in Broken Arrow and Inola, Okla. It sells plants, shrubs and trees to consumers and wholesalers. Sanders says the equipment he works with on the tree side of the operation includes six

Jim Sanders, of Sanders Wholesale Nursery, Inola, Okla., chooses to work with a dealer who is close to his operation and can provide the service he needs to keep equipment in operation.

Bobcat skid steers and several compact tractors, including a Massey Ferguson 240 and Kioti DK55. Attachments include rotary cutters for mowing between the tree rows; discs and rototillers for working the ground; and pallet forks and nurs- ery jaws for transporting stock.

Sanders works with White Star Machinery out of its Tulsa, Okla., location. The dealership is close, which is important when he needs service or new equip- ment. He works with Nick Morris from the sales team.

“Nick comes out and calls to see if I need anything. For me, it’s basically how fast can I get a machine in for service and back out. Our Bobcats might sit for five months out of the year. When we do go, we need them all running,” he says.


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