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EWoolliscroft I think I might send my #valentines day cards using #letterbox this year?

(Emily Wooliscroft, Nintendo) Tuesday, January 31st

QPRobbie @EWoolliscroft What if they don’t have a 3DS? I suppose they just don’t deserve your affection in that case!!

(Rob Lowe, Nintendo) Tuesday, January 31st

NowGamer_Nick What’s the equivalent of Jessica Chobot reviewing a game she’s in? Travolta reviewing Battlefield Earth?

(Nick Jones, NowGamer) Tuesday, January 31st

AceyBongos I’m not a massive fan of weather tweets, but bloody hell, it’s chillier than a Nord’s nipple out there.

(Graeme Boyd, Microsoft) Tuesday, January 31st

ImagineMD A weak GAME is bad news for the whole industry – the UK needs a strong flagship games retailer. I’m going out to buy something #supportGAME

(Damian Butt, Imagine Publishing) Wednesday, February 1st

HollieB In the defence of all men in the Namco Bandai UK office, they all noticed that I had done something different with my hair this morning. (Hollie Bennett, Namco Bandai) Wednesday, February 1st

Lee_Bradley You know what was sexy last night? The way each girl disinfects the pole when she get on the stage. Well sexy.

(Lee Bradley, freelance journalist) Thursday, February 2nd

kristanreed The hilarity of the 3DS’ Circle Pad add-on being bigger than the 3DS itself is not lost on me. It makes the Vita look positively svelte. (Kristan Reed, Pocket Gamer) Thursday, February 2nd

neilashurst Some fascinating news out there today – some exciting, others amazing and others just downright sad. Keep your peckers up peeps! (Neil Ashurst, Romley Davies) Thursday, February 2nd

onelifeleft Just seen the price of Catherinein Game – £37.99! You could get two lapdances for that!

(One Life Left) Friday, February 3rd


Read and remember these stats so you can sound clever at the next Monday morning meeting


Take-Two’s profits for its fiscal Q3 ending December 31st


THQ revenues from online and DLC rose by this amount for the nine months ending December 31st


Sales of Star Wars: The Old Republicworldwide to date


Our biggest stories for the week ending Monday, February 6th

1. New releases WILL be at GAME this Friday (February 3rd)

2. Lender support throws GAME a lifeline

3. Take-Two enthusiasm points to GTA V Xmas release

4. Sony reveals new PS Vita bundles for US launch

5. Morrisons slashes console prices

6. EA recognises the implications of potential GAME collapse

7. GAME hints at possible international sell-off

8. INTERVIEW: Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft

9. The true speed at which games prices erode

10.Daily Mail “fabricated” zombie gamer story


1982-2012 //CLASSIC// Last Ninja

Last Ninjais one of the most recognisable video game brands of the 1980s. The acclaimed action title was a huge hit on Commodore 64, selling 7.5m units on that platform alone.

Released: 1987 Formats: C64, Amiga, Atari ST, Apple II, BBC Micro, MS-DOS, NES Global Brand Sales: 22m+

Computec is offering a publishing contract and

marketing budget worth this amount for one winning dev


The amount generated by Zynga through Facebook last year


The percentage of an average boxed game’s value lost after three months

PDP designs and

manufactures the Super Mario Neoprene Case for 3DS February 10th 2012


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