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Released: February 22nd

Format: PS Vita

Publisher: Sony

Developer: SCE Studio Liverpool

Distributor: CentreSoft

Contact: 0121 625 3388

WIPEOUT has been synonymous with PlayStation since 1995, so it’s no surprise to see Sony readying a fresh bout of anti-gravity racing for the launch of PlayStation Vita. 2048has been built from the ground up for the new handheld, taking advantage of its various control schemes. Not only can users enjoy the increased accuracy of dual analog sticks, they can also use Vita’s SixAxis motion controls to tilt their way to success. Even the two touch panels are used for firing weapons and accelerating. WipEoutfans can look forward to ten brand new tracks and a full campaign mode. Any record lap times they set appear on an online leaderboard and create a ‘Near’ challenge, allowing passing Vita owners to challenge their time. Alternatively, they can take on their friends with a range of multiplayer modes, which work via both local and Wi-Fi connections. Up to eight users can also play across both Vita and PS3.

Ridge Racer [INFO]

Released: February 22nd

Format: PS Vita

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Developer: Namco Bandai/Cellius

Distributor: Advantage Contact:

0121 506 9590

RIDGE RACER titles have been present at the launch of countless new gaming platforms and this Vita entry keeps up that tradition. Fans of the long-running series can expect the usual fare of bright and beautiful tracks around cities, mountains and coastlines, including some old favourites from previous Ridge Racers. The key difference between Vita’s Ridge Racerand its predecessors is its business model. The game arrives at a lower price of £19.99, for which players get access to three tracks and five cars. Players can then expand their options with DLC: new tracks, cars and music that will be available at various prices.

That’s not to say players will be forced to buy extra content. Namco Bandai has promised daily challenges to keep gamers hooked, and online multiplayer modes such as Planetary League allow Vita owners to prove their racing prowess to the world.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony

a wide variety of popular artists and bands, including Mark Ronson, Pet Shop Boys, Kaskade and The Chemical Brothers.

There are also a number of new features in Lumines: ES. The presentation has been changed to show off 3D blocks instead of 2D sprites, not to mention cool lighting and animation effects.

THE ORIGINAL Lumineswas a big hit on PSP and Ubisoft is hoping for the same success with follow-up Electric Symphonyfor Vita. Holding true to the series’ simple but addictive gameplay, the musical puzzler tasks players with matching coloured blocks on a grid. Each block has two colours, and these must be placed and rotated so that matching colours form bigger shapes. Sweeping lines in each colour will then clear these groups

from the grid, with the objective being to match as many blocks as possible before the grid is filled. As you would expect, the Vita title has been developed to use the front touch screen to move and rotate blocks, although classic analogue and button controls will still be available for series veterans. The action often syncs up with the game’s catchy soundtrack, and Electronic Symphonyreally delivers here. The game features music from

Developer Q Entertainment has even added an XP system. All the points players receive in each session add to their progress, allowing them to unlock additional skins and avatars. The avatars have special abilities that can be used in either single-player or multiplayer to boost gamers’ scores. For example, putting a Chain Block in the grid eliminates any matching colours that are touching it. Not all PS Vita owners will be hardcore action and racing fans, so Luminesis a great puzzle-based alternative from the new handheld’s launch line-up.

“ [INFO]

Released: February 22nd

Format: PS Vita

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Q Entertainment

Distributor: Gem

Contact: 01279 822800 February 10th 2012 25

Not all PS Vita owners will be action and racing fans, so Lumines is a great puzzle-based alternative.

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