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Industry rallies around by Christopher Dring

GAME Group said it was ‘humbled’ by the support it has received from suppliers. Publishers large and small say it’s vital to protect specialist retail.


It is a case of ‘GAME –your industry needs you right now.’ Rod Cousens, Codemasters

GAME hopes it has weathered the worst of the storm, after it struck a new deal with lenders. It also revealed that, despite initial concerns, it will meet its banking covenant tests. Its share price rose on the back of the announcement. But the industry now must pull together to guarantee GAME’s future. CEO Ian Shepherd said: “We should be under no illusions about the hard work required.” GAME Group expects to

make an £18m loss for its financial year.

ROD COUSENS, CEO Codemasters

GAME is an integral part of the gaming industry in the UK and Europe. It’s a case of ‘GAME – your industry needs you right now.’

This is a situation where all parties can work together to come up with a sustainable business model, which everyone can live with and which is progressive to target digital opportunities. A streamlined network of

‘destination centres’ for packaged goods and digital delivery which took its lead from Apple stores is just a thought.

The industry needs to evolve and move on and GAME could be in its midst.

MARTIN DEFRIES, Managing Director Rising Star Games

Although Rising Star Games is a undoubtedly a small supplier to GAME, I believe it is critical that our support joins that of its more significant ones. GAME is key to this business across the UK and Europe in driving sales to consumers both new and old, in putting our work in front of others via its retail

mechanism; without it, it’s an even tougher landscape within which to operate. Where we can, where it might help, where it might make a difference, I’m happy to step up and assist.


UK General Manager Square Enix Europe

It’s no secret that the market is enduring a challenging transition at the moment, so it’s important that we listen to our customers and work with them to ensure that trading doesn’t suffer. GAME is a key partner for us and we will continue to work with it and have stayed in close contact in the build-up to the launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

ANDY PAYNE, Managing Director Mastertronic

GAME going would be a massive loss for the industry. Reduced visibility of games would drive the industry underground again. Imagine the shopping centres with no games for sale? Not great for the public and the industry. Transition into new models is difficult for some and there will always be casualties, but if you add value and look after customers, then you will get to the other side. GAME has a lot of staff under 30, and they know the product and are passionate. Losing those staff would take the gloss off of our industry. We will miss GAME and HMV if they’re gone, so let’s not let that happen.

Nintendo will hire from within for post-Paine era

DAVID Yarnton confirmed this week that his overseeing of Nintendo’s UK marketing will be short-term. Current marketing director

Dawn Paine leaves Nintendo after ten years to join Universal Pictures later this month, with Yarnton taking an overseeing role until an appointment is made. But he told MCVthat a successor will ultimately be hired from within the organisation. “We’re sorry to see Dawn go, but we wish her well. It is

2 February 10th 2012

also an opportunity for the team and for me to get closer to the marketing department, give them more support and direction whilst steering the ship going forward,” he said. “There is a fantastic, experienced team in place, so the hire will most likely come from within.” Senior marketing and comms managers Rob Lowe, James Honeywell and Jo Bartlett will report directly to Yarnton in the meantime.

There is a fantastic

experienced team in place, so the hire will likely come from inside Nintendo.

David Yarnton, Nintendo

Yarnton, Paine, Lowe and Honeywell were the core of a team that launched record- breaking platforms such as the Wii, DS and 3DS – plus a succession of hit titles such as Wii Fit, Brain Trainingand Mario Kart. Paine’s current role is

marketing director and assistant general manager. Her last day will be February 24th. She starts at Universal as VP of marketing on March 5th.

Nintendo: 01753 483700

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