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Tracking down the game industry’s biggest stars on Twitter. This week, we look at the profile of:

Stuart Turner @OnlyOneT

Bio: Marketing boss at Capcom Europe, Dad, long suffering Charlton and Saracens fan... but glory is just round the corner. (Views are my own etc...)

3,716 Tweets

212 Following 250 Followers

I think Lindsay Lohan is stalking me. I keep getting followed by her on Twitter under various different names.

I got Wales in the #6N sweepstake at work. Never have i wanted to win money less. #rugbyunited

Wow that song in the FFXIII-2 TV ad is the worst TV ad game music since FFXIII.


MCV: I’m interested in getting Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Can you tell me which games this includes?

Asda: Which console is this for? MCV: Xbox 360

Asda: Let me look. *pause* It has MGS2, MGS3, MGS: Peace Walker.

MCV: It starts with Metal Gear Solid 2. Does it not include the first game? The

Stephen McGill Director, Xbox and Entertainment

Asda Durham tested on Metal Gear Solid HD Collection original PlayStation one?

Asda: No, it does. It just has MGS2 listed first. So it’s MGS2, then 3then Peace Walker.

MCV: Do I need to play this to understand Metal Gear Rising?

Asda: I don’t know I’m afraid. I’m not a computer games person.

MCV: Is it out now? CONTACT INFORMATION Editorial: 01992 535646 l Advertising: 01992 535647 l Fax: 01992 535648

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46 February 10th 2012

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Asda: Yes, it’s available now, and it’s £27.97.


The customer service was good, but the only correct answers we received were clearly read off the box.

Score: 3/10

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MCV questions industry execs about their favourite things. This week, we speak to Microsoft’s Steve McGill


Film or TV show? The West Wing– simply the best TV show EVER and anyone who disagrees can see me outside. Book?Into Thin Airby Jon Krakauer – and pretty much every book about Everest. Game? The original Halo: Combat Evolved and StarCraft. Band? Anything in the Top 40 charts – I love new music and dad dancing. Food and drink? Minstrels and Cloudy Bay white wine. Team? Reading FC (my local team) and Man Utd (big boys team that actually wins things).

Holiday destination? Whistle, Canada (perfect for skiing, hiking, mountain biking and photography).

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