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ant, Maintenance & As nagement exhibition organis e PA, The Britiish Instiitu te grat d Mai enance Cen e at Cranfield Un ersit

The event is co-located with Drives & Controls, Air-Tech, MACH 2012, Electrex, National Electronics Week, IPEE (Independent Power Energy & Electricity) and IFPEX (the International Fluid Power Exhibition). Together, the eight shows provide an integrated networking and exhibition platform for engineering decision makers.


The event is co-located with Mth MACH 2012, Drives & Controls, Air-Te & Electricity) and IFPEX ((tthe Inte Internatatioional Fluid Power Exhibittioion). To networking and exhibition platform for engineering decision makers.

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comprehensi ve FREE seminar programme co

EE seminar programme

covering eing everything f om Asset Manageme nt to V bration Ana ysi s, Condition Monitor ng t PAS 55 Acceleromete s to T much, more – includi ng m f

hing from Asset Management

o Vibration Analysis Condition Monitoriing to PAS 5 , Ac

ters to Thermography t lin ractitio

se n a www.maintenanceuk.maintenanceuk-expo.c om Yo

xpo com r c ththe Maintntenanc e Coffee Shop, being sing sponsored by Shell Lull Lubricicantsts. e S sore y S

. In addition, all pre-registered delegates and visitors wiill bll be entitled to a compllimimentatary drink i n e C

d t pre-register o e sure p -regist

d d e e titl d to a c y d ink in The following companies ar e Primary Sponsors of Plan t & Asset Management 201 2 hy, plus

muc , more – including IndusIndustrial Case Studies from front line practitioners. The full pll programme ca n be see n at

trial Case S udies ra

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You wiill nll nee d to pre-register to ensure place s on the seminar s o f your choice. In additio

n the se s o

i indust y sectors, e hibitors at Pan & Asse Managementt 2012 willl be demonsttratting the st technological advances and manageme p companies ac evs achieve wor l d

set Management 2 de, driv es ficiency in the manufacnufactturing a d se nces and management ing and servici ce

ng the period 17-19 April 2012. rywiid , dr

nt 2012 wiill bll be emphasising to ind str ng to industrial d re ctor s , l direi

Tech, Electrex, IPEE (Independent Power Ener gy Togethther, the seven shows provide an intn integratrat ed

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nt P id

r En

Pre-register as a visitor, and book your places on the free seminars, by goi ng to www.maintenanceuk.maintenanceuk-

Darrell Moffatt on 01252 781826 (email dil darrell@al@abbey Sarah Galbraith o n 0

Sarah Galbraith on 01732 3 0342 ( ma sarahg k-expo

Alternatively, telephone +44 (0)1252 781 826 For information about exhibiting contact:

2 370342 (emaiill sarahg@dfame a co k Enter 2

eywoodmarketing. ) ) or

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