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ATEX certified weighbridge management system plays vital role in Tunisia

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd have completed a prestigious driver-operated weighbridge management system at the newly constructed LPG storage terminal in Gabes on the east coast of Tunisia. The ATEX certified system comprises two surface mounted 60 tonne, 18 metre Eurodeck weighbridges fitted with digital load cells, driver–operated terminals and traffic lights. A PC running Weightron’s versatile and powerful Winweigh software manages the complete weighing process.

The terminal currently receives butane and propane from the onshore gas processing facility situated approximately 100 km north of Gabes. The weighbridges are primarily used for weighing LPG road tankers, whilst a pipeline is constructed between the two locations.

The Eurodeck design has an excellent reputation for strength and durability in such harsh operating environments and the weighbridge features a special restraint system to minimise the potentially damaging effects of heavy vehicle braking. The main structural beams, which support a robust durbar deck, run length ways in line with traffic flow and have sufficient depth so that they do not need stiffening plates. The modular Eurodeck is specially designed to fit inside a standard 40 foot shipping container for cost effective world-

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Equipment and products operating in hazardous areas are required to meet stringent criteria. They must be ‘protected’ to avoid the possibility of them becoming a source of ignition. Weighing systems are often an integral part of a process within the hazardous area and therefore must have suitable protection.

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wide transportation. On arrival at site in Tunisia the 1.5 metre wide sections were simply removed from the container and bolted side by side to form the completed deck modules. The ATEX certified, fully sealed, stainless steel, CPD digital load cells have a proven track record worldwide and provide a number of set-up and service related operational benefits. The loadcells were pre-calibrated prior to delivery to Tunisia, significantly

reducing onsite calibration time. Individual load cell health checks at the Gabes plant can easily be carried out remotely via the systems Ethernet connectivity.

The project has presented a number of logistical and technical challenges. Throughout, Weightron engineers have worked closely with local personnel and contractors to ensure optimised installation, commissioning and training.

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