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“If you’re planning on using social media as a cheap substitute for a press release, gamers will cry foul.” How to manage your community p24

2K: Move and Kinect are ‘testing the waters’ for PS4 and Xbox 720

Microsoft and Sony are not avoiding making another console, says 2K chief  “Everyone is looking at innovation” by Christopher Dring

KINECT and Move are ‘experiments’ that will be used in the next console generation, 2K boss Christoph Hartmann reckons. He disagrees that Microsoft and Sony are avoiding making another console. Instead, he says Kinect and Move are merely ways for the platform holders to ‘test the water’ before launching new machines that come with these accessories as standard.

“I don’t think they are avoiding doing another machine but testing the water,” Hartmann told MCV. “Rather than coming out and saying ‘this is our console now,’ I think they are playing around and seeing what they can do. These guys know how to manufacture the chips or push the memory, the kind of thing you usually get with each new console generation. But now

everyone is looking for innovation and at online components, so they are experimenting.

“It’s not been a case of just jumping on the Wii wagon – it’s been a case of learning about what Wii did and trying to take it somewhere.

“When Microsoft made the Xbox, I assume there were always plans for Xbox 360. It was just the first Xbox was the machine to get it

i43 heads to Telford by James Batchelor

by Dominic Sacco

THE LATEST iteration of Multiplay’s i-Series gaming events will move to Telford International Center. i43 will take place from

Friday, August 26th to Monday, August 29th and will see gamers battling in a range of tournaments for a £30,000 prize pot, games and hardware. Multiplay MD Craig Fletcher said: “This is going to be our biggest and best event yet.”

8 July 8th 2011

BETHESDA’S upcoming FPS Ragehas benefited from a string of early ads to build excitement well ahead of release.

The publisher kicked off

its Rage marketing action plan around half a year ahead of its October 7th release to set the new 360, PS3 and PC IP apart from other shooters in the Q4 period. Back in April Bethesda sponsored The Walking Dead TV series on Channel 5. This was followed by a wave of E3 marketing including banner art and mutant dolls taking over the entrance to

Rage’s marketing campaign will help it stand out in the Q4 period

the Los Angeles Convention Center, with online takeovers running on sites including IGN, GameSpot, MTVand Eurogamer. Cinema spots screened during blockbuster movies

such as The Hangover 2and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, with more ads due during other films this year such as The Inbetweeners. Rage has also become the first video game to receive

Rather than saying ‘this is our console now,’ they are seeing what motion can do. Christoph Hartmann, 2K

there. Microsoft was new to the party, so they used Xbox 1 to test the water. It’s the same principle.”

You can check out our full interview with Christoph Hartmann on page 16.

Multiplay’s Bethesda kicks off Rage ads early

YouTube mobile pre-roll ads on Android devices. Creative agency Target Media booked the ads which will appear at the start of selected videos on the 2.0 YouTube Android app. Ragewill be present at Gamescom, Eurogamer Expo and more. QR codes will appear in gaming magazines and a ‘big spend’ will reach Google, Facebook and YouTube users. Bethesda’s VP of PR and

marketing Pete Hines said: “For a shooter competing against other major titles, it is incumbent upon us to get the word out early.” Bethesda: 020 7025 7360


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