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and a grandmother for the first time. “I am enjoying all the roles immensely even if I am a bit worn out!” Her future plans include forming a jazz trio, recording an album, completing a master’s in ethno- musicology, and traveling to Italy. ALEXANDRA RAVENER 43 VALENTINE AVENUE GLEN COVE, NY 11542 A.RAVENER@GMAIL.COM

Gayner in Japan this past spring. Alli moved to Philadelphia to begin a gradu- ate program in museum education. Paul Adler finished an MFA fellowship at Columbia in May. He’s applying to PhD programs in English for 2011. Danika Vittoria was engaged to Chuck Atkins on May 13. The two met at James & Sons Tobacconists in downtown Sara - toga. She is enjoying a career in sales at GlobalSpec in East Greenbush, NY, while pursuing an MBA at SUNY-Albany. English-philosophy major and prize-win- ning poet Caitlin Woolsey is pursuing graduate studies in philosophy and art theory at SUNY-Stony Brook, where she began a fellowship last fall. She worked at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC, for the last two years. Dyani Johns is finishing a PhD at UC- Davis. She has completed a volume of translations of the poet Juan Manuel, which will appear in a bilingual edition next year in Mexico. MEREDITH FREED 15 DOGWOOD PARK NORTH DANBURY, CT 06811 FREED.MEREDITH@GMAIL.COM

’07 ’08

Megan McDermott is the Africa Partnerships associate at Ameri - Cares, a humanitarian aid group based in Stamford, CT. She coordinates shipments of donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from the US and Europe to hos- pitals, clinics, and NGOs in six African countries. While at Skidmore, she in - terned with the EMP Africa private-equity fund and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. She also spent a semester in Mali studying cultural anthropology. John Connelly III graduated from Rice University with an MS in statistics. He was a summer intern with the New York Yankees’ baseball analytics office. Adam and Ashley Grossman Epstein are delighted to announce the birth of son Tobias on June 8. Whitney Milton and William Andrew Cabell were married June 19 at Plimoth

56 SCOPE FALL 2010

Alli Feigen and Taylor Leake had an amazing time visiting Annie

Plantation in Plymouth, MA. In atten- dance were Alexandra Thomas, Benja - min Hovaness, and Jessica Dunham. KELLY GENOIS 1555 BEACON STREET, APT. 8 BROOKLINE, MA 02446 KGENOIS@GMAIL.COM


Do you like checking in with classmates? We could use your connections to provide a lively 2009 class- notes column. If you are interested in the fun job of class secretary, contact Mary Monigan at Prize-winning poet June Rockefeller is attending Emerson College to pursue an MFA. She was also accepted at Columbia but wants to work with poet Gail Mazur, a faculty member at Emerson. Carol Simmons is with the Peace Corps in El Salvador. She is an environmental educator for a local school district and the surrounding community. Sarah Dobro and Ben Fulton were mar- ried July 31 on Cape Cod. Sarah is pursu- ing her MD at NYU School of Medicine, and Ben is pursuing a PhD in genetics at Columbia.

Heather Marie Gilchrist finished her first year of teaching eighth-grade English and K–8 art with Teach for America in New Orleans. She spent the summer steel- ing herself for year two, as well as starting her own photography business (heather- ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE SKIDMORE COLLEGE 815 N. BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866


Do you like checking in with classmates? We could use your connections to provide a lively 2010 class- notes column. If you are interested in the fun job of class secretary,contact Mary Monigan at Daniel Kraines attends Boston Univer - sity’s MFA program and is an assistant to Prof. Robert Pinsky, former US poet laure- ate and a longtime faculty member for the Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore. ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE SKIDMORE COLLEGE 815 N. BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866

In Memoriam Alumni

Marjorie Goodrich Blakelock ’30 of Naples, FL, died April 30. A business major, she was a hospital volunteer for

the American Red Cross during WWII. She is survived by two sons, six grandchil- dren, and 15 great-grandchildren. Husband Chester predeceased her.

Marguerite Lowrey Mersfelder ’37 of New York City died April 26. A home-eco- nomics major, she was a former dietitian at Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. For Skid - more, she was a longtime supporter of student scholarships and served as a class agent and reunion volunteer. She is sur- vived by a son, daughter Nancy Mersfel - der Mann ’67, and several grandchildren. Her husband, Lester, predeceased her. Claire Pockman Rowland ’40 of Cold - spring, TX, died March 12. A theater ma - jor, she was active in rescuing abused and stray dogs. She was a longtime supporter of Skidmore. She is survived by a son; husband William predeceased her. Ray Hacker Henry ’40 of Old Green - wich, CT, died February 22. A nursing major, she was a retired public-health nurse for the Town of Greenwich. She vol- unteered with the American Red Cross and was an avid gardener. Predeceased by husband Alvan, she leaves two daughters, a son, four grandchildren, and two great- grandchildren. Jeannette Partridge Harrison ’41 of

Car mel, CA, died April 14. She was an art education major. She is survived by hus- band Syd, a son, and a daughter. Helen Evarts Banks ’41 of Rochester,

NY, died December 2. A business major, she worked in Manhattan for AT&T and the J. Walter Thompson Agency during WWII. A lifelong community volunteer, she also worked as a real estate agent. She served Skidmore as a class agent and re - union volunteer. She is survived by a daughter and eight grandchildren. Her husband, Fred, predeceased her. Jane Seeman Pearce ’42 of Williams - ville, NY, died March 16. A business ma - jor, she served on the boards of Bristol Home and the SPCA, both in Buffalo. She was an avid tennis and golf player well into her eighties. She served Skidmore as class fund chair and Friends of the Presi - dents chair and as a reunion volunteer. Predeceased by husband Howard, she leaves three sons and granddaughter Beth Lucas Smith ’96. Frances Ashworth Schnell ’42 of Cam - bridge, NY, died February 11. A home-eco- nomics major, she worked for the Virginia Dare Wine Company, General Nutrition Company, Cambridge Central School (as a library aide), and Washington County (as a home health aide). She is survived by three sons, two brothers, seven grandchil- dren, and three great-grandchildren.

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