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like to hear from alums in the Philadel - phia area. Lynn Garrett Meyer and her husband, George, visited friends in Ger many and then went to Pau, France, near the Pyre - nees, where they stayed with a host fami- ly through the Friendship Force Club. Then they visited friends near Lyon and Montpellier, daughter Liz joined them for an exploration of Cathar for tresses near Perpignan, and they all went on to Barce - lona, Spain. George is cutting back his work time, so they can be more flexible with travel plans. On Memorial Day the Meyers served as “ball dudes” at a Giants game, retrieving foul balls for the kids in the stands. In June, Lynn was the nurse at the AAUW Tech Trek in Sonoma, a week- long science camp for eighth-grade girls. Lynn says the Meyers’ Skidmore Alumni Travel trip to the Galápagos last year was a blast.

Carol Copeland Schmidhauser and Dutch started the year with a three-week trip to Egypt, followed by a 32-day cruise from Singapore to Cape Town, South Africa, with days added to visit friends and see more of South Africa. Eight days after their return they headed to Albu - quer que, NM, to be with daughter Diane and grandson Sean; they all explored the mountains of Colorado. Over the summer they took a few trips to Austin, TX, to see son Eric and his family. Carol says, “We will keep going until our bodies say no!” Glenda Arentzen, Brenda Baekey Mi -

han, Linda Blanquart Smith, Nancy Cutter Parker, Bobbie Mann Bigham, and Lynn Pringle Anastos came from six states (New Hampshire, New Jersey, Penn - sylvania, California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts) for a mini-reunion in June in Newport, RI. They had fun touring fab- ulous mansions, going on boat rides, eat- ing, laughing, and wandering around town, and are looking forward to our 50th in June 2012.

After graduating from the Skidmore nursing program, Mary Ellen Briggs Segall joined the Peace Corps. Having worked abroad for 20 years in interna- tional health, she is still going strong and recently returned from a six-week consul- tancy in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Mary Ellen lives in Seattle, close to her 6-year- old granddaughter. She has a kayak and a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. “If that sounds like an invitation, it is,” she notes. Mary Ellen has kept up with Laura Stanley over the years.

Barbara Koweek Phillips works part- time as president of Phillips Associates, a

40 SCOPE FALL 2010

management and consulting firm. Married for 45 years, she has three children and six grandchildren. Her passions remain reading, tennis, golf, international travel (she’s visited more than 85 countries), and volunteering. She treasures above all family and friends. Elli Rachlin Halsey says that in her 60s her singing career has taken off. Perfor - mances this year included Father’s Day brunch and dinner at the Rhinecliff (NY) Hotel, a July 4th brunch, a Bastille Day dinner, and an August wedding. Husband John is the leader of her jazz trio and a member of the Williams College Alumni Band. Check out for more engagements and to listen to her music. Elli reports that she is the new “bionic woman,” having just had three stents inserted to help with closed arter- ies. On the table just before surgery, Elli gave the cardiologist her CD, so that he could “help ensure I’d make my next gig.” She is in touch regularly with Steph - anie Lindsey King and Naomi Liebowitz Cramer, who have come to hear her, and Jackie Merriam Paskow via e-mail. Pat Graham Stotler and John live in

Vermont and winter in Florida. She was planning a month in Ohio to see daugh- ter Elizabeth, son-in-law Dan, and Rukiya, their 3-year-old adopted from Ethiopia. In May they attended John’s 50th Harvard reunion, where they saw Sandy Nickerson Blattner and husband Dave. I must apologize to Carolyn Heft for an error in the winter issue that gave Sara - lee Elegant Evans credit for Carolyn’s advocacy work. Carolyn makes time in her busy law career for a social life and NYC events. She had a second home in War ren, VT, for over 25 years. Carolyn be came a skier after graduation but gave up US skiing for travel abroad. She has wonderful friends and several godchildren in Vermont and returns at least five times a year. She traveled to Seattle, Ottawa (for a friend’s wedding), and Montreal and also took a backroads walking trip in Ire - land and visited London and elsewhere in Europe. Last October she took her first cruise, from Quebec City to explore Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Maine. Sue Heckel lives in Naples, FL. After Skidmore she studied at the Institute of Art in Cleveland, went to Florence, Italy, for a year to learn to “really” draw, and spent time at NYC’s Art Students League. In 1967 she took up typing to earn a liv- ing, and worked for 18 years as a secretary in Rochester, NY, where daughter Heather was born in 1985. Sue spent a year in Or - mond Beach, FL, and moved to Naples in

1993 to take care of her mother. Heather just graduated from Ringling College in Sarasota with a degree in illustration (see Sue, who has not been north since 1999, admits she misses the winter. She talks and e-mails with Linda Blanquart Smith occasionally and has seen Susan Willy Pittarelli in Tampa. Cynthia Guy Slack is having a blast with her necklace designs and says, “Mr. Pardon would be surprised.” Her tech- nique of “painting with beads” incor - porates brightly colored antique Bakelite and resin beads, many from her travels in France. Her beads can be found at SPA Fine Art, a gallery on Broadway in Sara - toga Springs, and at CynthiaSlackDesigns .com.

I apologize for not getting a news col- umn in the spring issue. I battled recur- ring Crohn’s disease flare-ups from De cem - ber until April, when I underwent surgery to remove a portion of my small bowel and gall bladder. Recovery is slow. The stitchery job is not bad, but I won’t be wearing two-piece anythings anymore. SUSAN SAMBROOK BERRY 402 NH ROUTE 25A WENTWORTH, NH 03282 603-764-9802 LCDRSSBERRYRET@YAHOO.COM

Marjorie Margolies, a senior fel- low at the Fels Institute of Gov - ernment and president of Women’s Cam - paign International, has been all over the news lately. A former congresswoman rep- resenting Pennsylvania’s 13th district, she was spotlighted in 1993 for casting the deciding vote on major budget legislation in the Clinton Administration. The bill was successful; her reelection (in a long- time Republican district) was not. In March she was interviewed on MSNBC about that experience and her advice to Democrats who feared voter backlash this year. The next day her op-ed piece ap - peared in the Washington Post and the online New Republic (visit and search “Margolies”). Ruth Adler Ruder says of Marjorie’s essay, “It was a great article but a sad tale. Here is a courageous and smart person who did the right thing but then lost her House seat due to a particular stand she took. She had a great attitude about what happened. I would just say perhaps she was in the wrong district.” Ruth was busy this spring locating the 32 members of her pre-college graduating class. Using the Internet back in the ’90s, she says, “I lo - cated virtually everyone from all the years, and now we have wonderful re unions.”


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