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that the T&L didn’t change a bit in 30 years. Her oldest, Ozzie Jr., is a teacher and coach at the Taft School in Connecti - cut, Stephanie is a sophomore at the Uni - versity of Vermont, and Wendy’s “baby,” Rebecca, will be a senior at Hamden Hall Country Day School. Elaine Pantages-Conte feels like she was just throwing pots with Professor Regis Brodie, or sitting in Case Center, or maybe on a barstool at the T&L. Son Mi - chael, 25, is getting a graduate degree in international energy policy at Colum bia, following four years at a clean-energy company. Jennifer, 22, who graduated from Penn State, is pursuing a job in pub- lic relations. Rebecca sailed the summer away before her third year at UVA’s School of Engineering. Elaine says she and husband John “love each and every day.” She still sees all her Skidmore girls and says, “They just make life so much fun!”

Robin Safeer Mathews, a social-work major and Sonneteer, and Julia Mutch, a nursing major, had a great trip to New Orleans, visiting Robin’s middle daughter, who is doing a year with AmeriCorps and building houses in the city. They took an airboat trip through a bayou in a torren- tial thunderstorm. They also learned to make pralines and crawfish étouffee at the New Orleans School of Cooking—now the challenge is to repeat the culinary feat for their families!

Lucie Closson Dean and her husband have been in London for the past three years. She invites anyone traveling that way to look her up. Michele Herman’s older son is starting at the University of Chicago; her younger one is a freshman at Stuyvesant High School in NYC. Michele writes personal essays and stories and teaches fiction online at the Writers Studio, a nondegree program.

Betsy Davidson graduated this past spring from Western Connecticut State with an MFA in painting. Her work was exhibited at Blue Mountain Gallery in NYC in the summer. Scott Martin has been in Aspen for 15 years and says he has no plans to ever leave. He works for Paramount Pictures, while wife Katherine does freelance writ- ing. Twin sons Alex and Jeremy decided to take up Nordic ski jumping. Scott was a bit ambivalent about it, but says watching them hurl themselves off jumps while wearing mile-long skis is better than driv- ing them all over Colorado for hockey games.

Laura Anderson had a wonderful time 48 SCOPE FALL 2010

at her 35th Williston Northampton (MA) High School reunion with Williston classmates Bonnie Burnham and David Segal.

Lesley Norman’s PBS show NOW fin- ished in April, so she is taking a little time off and doing some consulting. She saw plenty of fellow Skiddies this year and was recently in Saratoga with Sue Biller - beck and some ’78ers as well. Martha Cahn Pellegrino is still in NYC but has just bought a small place in southern New Jersey. Previous owners made no changes in the past 25 years, so she is knee-deep in men with toolbelts who are removing the avocado-green everything. Martha has an eBay craft store: go to and search for Handmade-by-Martha. Wendy Barkin was looking forward to seeing classmates in Saratoga over the July 4th weekend. Elly Spicer has been in touch with Clarissa Townsend, who has moved to Vermont; Marcy May ’78, who is still in West Nyack, NY; and Tacie Mansfield, who has opened a retail outlet of Edible Arrangements in Newburyport, MA. Elly lives with her spouse, Rebecca, and their sons Tyler, 17, and Cameron, 12, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. You can reach her at Enid Davis has been in the throes of the college search with son Scott and has been trading information about schools with Lisa Lavieri, who trod this road. Enid says Scott only wants to go to school in upstate New York, and at last count they’ve visited 11 schools, including Skid - more. In January they attended its Junior Admissions Workshop (which Enid rec- ommends highly), where a bonus was see- ing Margie Weber Orell, whose daughter was also participating. Son Adam contin- ues with his DJ business (many of you may remember him from Reunion) and with tennis, baseball, and golf. Enid, who continues to plug away in real estate, was happy that the market picked up this spring.

Kathy Melén Lawton and husband Jeff are empty-nesters. Daughter Emily gradu- ated from Connecticut College last spring and works at the Urban Institute’s health policy center, a nonpartisan think-tank in Washington, DC. Daughter Skyler is in her last year at Smith College, majoring in women’s and gender studies and visual sociology. Son Christopher ’14 is a Skid - more freshman. Lisa Ochs went to Italy, first on a 10- day choir tour in Assisi, Trevi, and Rome, including the Vatican, and then on their

own for nine more days. She had a relax- ing summer last year with her son before sending him off to Andover; she says she will likely be in Boston often this year. Anthony Morano started a position as a Medicaid service coordinator at Commun - ity Options in Syracuse, NY, helping peo- ple with developmental issues or traumat- ic brain injuries. Although the pay is less than he could get as a teacher in the pub- lic schools, he says this type of agncy is much closer to implementing the best practices he learned in grad school. He wants to know if anybody is interested in starting a school, providing other educa- tional options for nontraditional learners, and providing info about literacy tools for adults with disabilities. Andrea Gabriel Fidlin lives in Wayland, MA, happily married to Paul. Their son Simon is 8. Andrea is a breast cancer sur- vivor and says, “Life is good.” Suzanne Pfeiffer is in Chicago, working in advertising. She and I had dinner while I was in Chicago on business; she looks exactly the same as she did at Skid more! Jim Gluckson is a PR consultant to the New York Racing Association for the $1 million Travers Stakes this August in Sara - toga. He also consults for the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and the Na - tional Thoroughbred Racing Association. Martha Van Gelder has retired from her position at Gaiam in Boulder, CO, and moved to her house in Tucson. Husband John commutes to Los Angeles for his job on a reality TV show. Martha is pursuing a new career and working with a non - profit in Tucson.

I had lunch recently with Marcia Va - lone Kuhn, who moved back to the Bos - ton area from the South. Her husband’s career as an architect brought them back to the area, and she was looking for work.

Professional photographer Maura Con - nelly is also doing community relations for the Waddell Mariculture Center in Bluffton, SC. Middle daughter Maren is at Colorado College, and oldest son Thor (my godson) works in Charleston, SC. Daughter Callie is a high school senior. Melissa Geiger lives in NYC with her husband, Paul Marvin (Union ’79). Son Paul is a sophomore at Northeastern, and Oliver is a freshman at Union. Me lissa stays in touch with Barbara Ins busch and Marisa Prevedi. Sue Miller Clark in Kinnelon, NJ, en - joys skiing, sailing, golfing, and playing tennis. Her sons Lee and Chris are stu- dents at Lehigh University and the Uni - versity of Virginia, respectively. Husband

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