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and Theo Bikel). Back in NYC she is per- forming in the Off-Broadway White’s Lies with Betty Buckley, Tuc Watkins, and Peter Scolari. She spends time with fellow classmates Lisa Perry and Lea Bender and is still out there selling her debut album Finding Home, produced by Joa - chim Horsely ’00.

After nine years in San Francisco, Jo - anna Foyle Abel relocated to NYC with husband Gordon, dog Harkin, and cat Maggie. She kept her job as VP of market- ing for FreeWheel, an advertising technol- ogy startup, working out of its NYC office. She looks forward to visiting Saratoga and Skidmore and plans to be at our 15th re - union.

Emily Boschen Dervisevic is a first- grade teacher. She is married to Anil, a Bosnian refugee who fled Balkan ethnic cleansing in the 1990s. They have two children, Mia and Enzo. Emily is very happy in her roles of teacher, mother, wife, artist, triathlete, and friend. She misses her Skidmore friends. Van Furniss graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business in May. He attended Matt Garry’s wedding, along with Jamie Magid, Jeremy Patuto, and Simon Fen - nell.

Roy Geiser is a new foreign service offi- cer with the US Agency for International Development. Following months of orien- tation, he received his first posting, to La Paz, Bolivia, in May. Roy and wife Nancy Magnus ’99 are looking forward to the two-year assignment. MICHELE ROTHSTEIN 1030 HIGHLAND LAKE CIRCLE DECATUR, GA 30033 MDROTHSTEIN@GMAIL.COM


Living on Mount Desert Island, Maine, Kylee Allen advises inter- national students at the College of the Atlantic. When Kylee isn’t at home, you can catch her and fiancé Ryan on a moun - taintop, skiing, hiking, and practicing ai - kido.

Having dated since their senior year at Skidmore, Andrew Berkowitz and Felicia Gould ’98 were married in 2007 in Palm Beach, FL. Attendees included Kara Hatch ’98, Troy Spittle ’98, David Levy, Becca Feld Norton ’98, Eric Norton, Jared Hart - stone ’00, Dan Fish man ’98, Jeff Dwor - nik, Brad Castellanos ’98, Megan Hna - tow ’98,and Christine Nipper Bo gal. The couple lives in Miami. Felicia just completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the Uni versity of Miami. Andrew, who recently sold the telecommunications company he co-

54 SCOPE FALL 2010

founded, works in commercial real es tate development. His latest project, 5th & Alton, is in South Beach. Ali Gottfried Serebin welcomed second child Sabrina on March 21. Everyone is happy and healthy. Nicholas Berkun works for the Water Pollution Control Authority for the City of Norwalk, CT. He manages its fats, oils, and grease program (he is the permitting authority for all restaurant and cafeteria grease traps in Norwalk) and its industrial pretreatment program. He is also the agency’s Web site administrator. Nicholas holds a master’s in coastal marine wetland ecology from the University of New Haven. He and wife Marsha attended Sam Stone’s wedding in Indianapolis. In May Seneca Clark Francione and husband Chris welcomed daughter Iyla, who is filling their Jamaica Plain, MA, home with joy. Seneca and Iyla love spending time with Jo Lipstadt Swani and son Deven, who was born 13 days earlier. Seneca is busy expanding her cus- tom publishing company, Three Bean Press.

Stewart Goodbody and her husband live in NYC and bought their first apart- ment in February. They welcome visitors! Stewart also started a new job at Sunshine, Sachs & Associates, best known for its celebrity PR. She loves her work as a cause marketing specialist and publicist, creat- ing partnerships between nonprofits and


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corporations and celebrities. Liz Nyman married Bryan Maleszyk on June 5 in Deerfield, MA. Skiddies in atten- dance were Cara Lapenas, Dana Kelley, Ali Gottfried Serabin, Hannah Duggan Renyi, and Gilbert Frieden. Allison Prouty has started Second Bolt, a creative production and management company. She says, “As always, I love see- ing my Skidmore friends here in NYC and around the country!” Gary Wang has been studying for step two of his US medical licensing exam, so he can officially be a fourth-year at Tu - lane Medical School. After a great experi- ence in one of his rotations, he’s decided to pursue a career in obstetrics. Cynthia Zara was married to Mark Isaacson on May 30 on the beach in Key West, FL. Family and friends, including Tricia Placido, traveled from as far as Los Angeles, London, and South America to help celebrate the nuptials. Cynthia is an optometrist at NYC’s Fifth Avenue Eye Care & Surgery, and Mark is CEO of Great Court Capital. Dylan Henry Sherman and wife Kate welcomed son Dylan on April 16; he is doing great. The family lives in Stamford, CT, where Eric is a corporate attorney at Diserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni. My husband, Roy Geiser ’98, got a job with the US Agency for International De - velopment as a foreign service officer. His first assignment is in Bolivia, starting this fall, and I’m going with him! We’ll be on another continent, but I will continue as class secretary. NANCY MAGNUS 8328 GEORGETOWN PIKE MCLEAN, VA 22102 MAGNUSNANCY@HOTMAIL.COM


Since joining the advocacy group Children’s Rights in 2006, lawyer

Jeremiah Frei-Pearson has been focusing on foster-care reform in Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. Earlier, as a litigator at Kaye Scholer, he won its Pro Bono Achievement Award and the NYC Bar Association’s 2008 Thurgood Marshall Award. He is acive in the New York State Bar Association’s Civil Rights Committee, the American Constitution Society’s New York lawyer chapter, and the Election Pro - tection Coalition. In April he was a pan- elist for “Careers That Make a Difference 101,” sponsored by Skidmore’s Career Ser - vices; in June he won an alumni award (see story in this Scope). He is running for an Assembly seat in the New York State Legislature. He and wife Karla live in Queens.

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