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3 INSIDE THIS ISSUE .. to the biggest, brightest scotsbarszcz 2-15:

It’s festival month in the Scottish West Coast town of Ayr

For the past 10 months, thousands of readers have been flicking through the pages of Scotsbarszcz online – not just in Scotland and Poland, but in many countries across the world. It seems that everyone is interested in us. Scotsbarszcz has

been read in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Saudia Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, UAE, Ukraine, the USA and Viet Nam. And now, Scotsbarszcz is

P16: David Laing takes us on a tour of his favourirte

Glasgow galleries l David Laing zabiera nas do swoich ulubionych galerii w Glasgow

P28: Dobromir Pietras shares his favourite

Summer in Gdansk

pictures l Dobromir Pietras dzieli się swoimi ulubionymi zdjęciami


introducing two major changes that will make us available to even more readers. From this issue, Scotsbarszcz will be available in printed form for the first time, so that people who don’t read magazines online can catch up with what they have been missing. Even more importantly,

Scotsbarszcz is going fully bi-lingual, with every story now available in English and Polish. If you are a new reader,

welcome aboard – we hope you will stay with us and consider joining our subscription list. And please feel free to contact us with your views and stories. And there’s good news if you

are already a fan of the online magazine. We’ll still be publishing online, so you can enjoy all the interactive extras such as video and animation. If you haven’t seen the online magazine yet, check it out at

Gerry Cassidy, Editor, Scotsbarszcz

The Tramp: Street theatre in Ayr this month

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