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SGB Columbia
The Heat Elite

delivers parka-level warmth in

delivers parka-level warmth in
a sweater-weight jacket thanks to a blend of
a sweater-weight jacket thanks to a blend of

Thermal Reflective and Thermal Shell: Windproof polyester fleece and polyester stretch twill

Thermal Reflective and Thermal Shell: 100%polyester fleece, 100% polyester
Insulation technologies. Omni-Heat’s unique with Omni-Shield
Advanced Repellency
Insulation technologies. Omni-Heat’s unique Insulation: 50% polyester/50% recycled polyester/
fabrication boosts body heat retention by Insulation: 100% polyester with Omni-Heat

Thermal Reflective
fabrication boosts body heat retention by 60g Omni-Heat

20% without increasing weight or bulk, or
Lining: 100% polyester (50% recycled content) 60g 20% without increasing weight or bulk, or
sacrificing excellent breathability.
Lining: 100% polyester Omni-Heat

Thermal Reflective

Thermal Insulation sacrificing excellent breathability.

A dvanced Repellency
Underarm v enting
Waterproof/breathable f abric
Pockets w ith Invizzip

Underarm v enting
Security p ocket
Pocket f eatures Invizzip

Active fit
Inside Security pocket
Comfort c uffs
29.5 C enter b ack l ength
and of course Omni-Heat. we’re talking big percentage improvements nice. We’re getting back to the heritage of the
Then we take them out of against what’s already out there. brand and we’re a technical outdoor brand. We
the showroom into the cold have to keep innovating and bringing that new
room at -15, so they can SGB: Is Omni-Heat available now? technology to market.
feel and understand the DT: No, it’s for AW 2010. It will be in stores
product far more. August-September 2010; though actually an SGB: What might this do for your brand
Seeing it really is Omni-Heat boot is available in our Kensington perception with consumers?
believing it; the High Street store. We did an exclusive DT: We’ve always been quite well perceived as
instant launch with the boot this winter in that one partly a travel brand in the summer and a
gratification that store. We haven’t had it in our wholesale snowsports brand in the winter. We’ve found it
this technology business, but even with it only being in one more difficult to gain traction as a pure outdoor
provides is a store it’s been featured quite a lot in brand in the winter markets. This has
powerful tool consumer press. We didn’t push it from a really changed that; the
for us. It’s been PR point-of-view, it just found an reaction has been
a revelation for audience. phenomenal. Also, we
a lot of people now have an outdoor
that have SGB: This could be great in showroom, and a
come to sleeping bags, with lighter separate snowsports
the weight and more showroom. It helps
showroom and efficient heat us be seen as a
seen what we’re retention/regulation… credible outdoor
doing; they’ve left able to really understand any plans for that? brand with a
Omni-Heat. DT: Not yet, but watch this space. credible offering
We currently do not do sleeping of products –
SGB: The proof of the pudding, so to speak, is bags but… who knows? which crucially has
the difference between getting a new The sleeping bag market is full of something
customer and not, surely? great brands, and we wouldn’t want completely
DT: It is, and that’s part of why we went with so to go in there with a ‘me too’ different to what
much third-party testing, because it’s all very well brand. We want to give the everyone else is
us shouting about it, but we have data from consumer a reason to purchase offering in
independent companies to back up what we say. our product, not just because of Omni-Heat.
And it’s not slight increases in effectiveness, the logo or because it looks
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