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SGB Outdoor News
New additions to Ramblers seek
Granger’s volunteers for
distribution portfolio Bluebell walks
This April - June, why not put a spring in your step by joining the Ramblers
Granger’s has announced further additions to its distribution portfolio. ‘Bluetiful’ bluebell strolls season. The walks will help gather info on one of
Building on its existing partnership with US-based Implus Footcare, Britain’s best loved flowers; the under-threat British bluebell.
Granger’s will distribute the Implus portfolio of products into the UK The bluebell walks season takes place across the country in 100+
outdoor market. locations, from April to June 2010. It is part of an ongoing campaign with
These brands the Natural History Museum to better understand one of our most iconic
include Sof and threatened spring flowers and discover more about our changing
Sole, Yaktrax,
Yaktrax products –
climate and countryside. Walkers are encouraged to join a bluebell walk,
Little Hotties,
in huge demand
help ‘spot’ different types of bluebells, and enter their findings into a
Sneaker Balls
over the winter
Natural History Museum online survey when they
and Techtrail. get home. Experts will use this crucial data to build a map of where the
Sof Sole different types of bluebell are flowering. This is the fifth year running that
provides insoles the Ramblers have helped to contribute to research on British bluebells.
offering high- The Ramblers-led walks are free, open to all, and offer a chance to see
performance cushioning Britain’s beautiful woodland and countryside at its loveliest. Although the
for outdoor, sports and walks vary in length and difficulty – from family friendly 5, to 14-mile walks
athletic footwear while Techtrail – all contain swathes of beautiful bluebells.
markets altimeters, compasses and For details of Ramblers led bluebell walks visit
accessories. Yaktrax makes
lightweight ice grips for shoes and
boots, Little Hotties provides hand and
body warmers, while Sneaker Balls are
Houlding returns to
unique sport air fresheners.
Granger’s says that these developments are a Keswick MF
natural progression linked to its international growth. Leo Houlding, Britain’s best known rock climber and the Lake District’s own
“Given our close relationship with Implus it makes sense for us to golden boy, is coming back to talk at Keswick Mountain Festival. He
represent their brands into the UK and we are very excited to supplying promised to come back if he survived his most outrageous expedition yet –
these products”, says Hamish Ogilvie. “The real benefit will be for and he returns to tell the tale on Saturday 22 May 2010 at the Theatre by
retailers who will have a single source for a great collection of products.” the Lake, Keswick.
The Asgard Project is the title of Leo’s talk and the name of the film which
was made about his experience. Mount Asgard is north of the Arctic Circle
on Baffin Island in Canada, it is one of the most impressive and remote rock
EOG announces
faces on the planet.
There are more mountain heroes to take you on an adventure from the
Sustainability Chair
comfort of your seat in the Theatre By the Lake – including Sir Ranulph
Fiennes, Andy Cave, Andy Kirkpatrick, Joss Naylor, Kenny Stuart, Dave
and Vice Chairs
Birkett and Doug Scott CBE.
Tickets for the all speakers are now available directly from the Theatre by
the Lake. To book call: 017687 74411 or online:
The European Outdoor Group has announced the appointment of Chair
and Vice Chairs to ensure the continued success of its Sustainability
Working Group.
At the Steering Group meeting of the Sustainability Working Group
Care Plus helps Haiti
(part of the European Outdoor Group) in November, Cortney McDermott
(CSR & Sustainability Manager, The North Face EMEA) was re-elected as with Medikeeper
Chair of the Steering Group. Care Plus, best known for their mosquito nets
At a vote just prior to Christmas the Steering Group also voted on the and first aid kits, is giving away a Care Plus
Vice Chairs of the Steering Group, retaining Anne Girard, Petzl and Medikeeper (SRP £19.99) a medical aid and
voting in a new replacement Vice Chair for Kilian Hochrein. Saskia travel dossier kept neatly on a USB stick in
Preenen, from Salomon has accepted the position of Vice Chair. Kilian which travellers can keep their personal data and medical records safe with
Hochrein will continue as Chair of the Standards and Regulations them at all times, from blood group to current medications. All they ask is
Committee, a sub committee of the Sustainability Working Group and that readers donate £10 to the Haiti Fund to support victims of the
will now be able to concentrate on the progression of the work being devastating earthquake. So why not make a donation and travel with
undertaken in confidence, thanks to Care Plus.
the area of standards, regulations and labels. For further information visit the distributors’ website
The work of the SWG is NOT exclusive to members of the European For a password to access the website, contact
Outdoor Group; it is operating on an open source basis and welcomes All donations go to the Disasters Emergency
involvement from all areas of the value chain. Committee appeal.
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