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Tech Rep
The Mizuno mojo
Steve Davies juggles his training as an international middle-distance
runner with ‘Tech Repping’ for Mizuno. Here he talks about the
importance of getting the Mizuno message across to retailers
etting people to listen is not always
as easy as it might sound. Helping
them then absorb the information can
be even harder. We’ve all seen that nod from

Unsurprisingly, Tech
helped by the fact that Mizuno has some
Reps have got a lot to
genuinely exciting stories to tell this year and
that it makes for interesting reading, but
say. But retailers are not
nevertheless it is important that we take steps to
retailers, as if to say, “this is making perfect ensure it isn’t simply ‘shelved’. And that’s where
sense”, when you know full well they sponges - overload them a test comes in! Being part of the sporting world
haven’t grasped the technology. The key is
how we tackle that – our success hinges on
with information and if
we are all competitive, and so we plan to put
retailers to the test later in the year – quite
it. What new methods can we use to engage
you’re not careful your
literally. Those that pass will have the chance to
our retailers? How can we motivate them,
inspire them?
core message
win some really nice Mizuno prizes. Incentive is
We must also remember that it works both
is lost
Unsurprisingly, Tech Reps have got a lot to say.
ways. Retailers are our eyes and ears at the end
of the day and it’s naive to think otherwise. I’ve
always put a huge amount of importance on
listening - in truth you don’t get very far in

But retailers are not sponges - overload them
gives staff a constant point of reference to the with information and if you’re not careful your
Mizuno brand, with knowledge and answers at core message is lost. It is crucial to find that
their fingertips. balance but also to be clear about the areas that
biomechanics and physiology lectures without an Cynics will say there’s a danger that a manual set Mizuno apart from its competitors.
ability to tune in and soak up! The same is true of this kind will quickly
for my athletics, and I’ll only realise the dream of gather dust out in Try it on
representing Wales in the 1500m at this year’s the storeroom. Put simply, 2010 is the year of ‘Try It On’ for
Commonwealth Games if I take on board the We are us. We believe in our technology and we know
direction from my coach and those around me. how frequently customers will purchase when
they get a chance to feel the products in store.
Motivation This is exactly why I need to educate, motivate
Motivation is paramount as a Tech Rep, as in and build healthy relationships on the front line.
every career. But it’s particularly crucial when The launch of ‘Mizuno Precision Fit’ next month
juggling commitments with key retailers will certainly help. Precision Fit is one of our
while also devoting time to the crown jewels – a unique online tool aimed at
track. Constant energy rubs off both consumers and store staff and a simple and
on retailers and we’ve given a effective way to match running styles and body
lot of thought as to how we shapes to the perfect shoe.
can get the best from store There’s no denying that it can be disheartening
staff throughout 2010. when you train a store and then
At the beginning of this year we visit six months later to find
began to introduce retailers to the Mizuno an entirely new team of
technical training manual for running footwear, staff. But turnover is
a handbook developed specifically for staff. The
Catching Mizuno’s Wave: The Wave
something we have to deal
manual itself is our ‘Bible’ and has become a
Nirvana (above) and Wave Rider (below)
with, and we put faith in
major part of our plans. As well as outlining the the managers and the
company background, it covers everything from technical training
the evolution of our technology to the distinct manual. And at the end
features around every product in the entire of it all, success in this
running range. job boils down to your
The technical training manual is a unique tool, mojo, thriving on the
one that is already beginning to deliver fast pace and relishing
noticeable improvements and positive feedback the relationships. Lose
from the shop floor. It is not designed to replace your energy and drive and it
in-store training, far from it; rather it is an is an altogether different story. S
education tool that we use within sessions and
then leave behind when we walk out the door. It
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