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Volunteering Itinerary

Community Building & Teaching

Join a group of like minded volunteers to experience and contribute to daily life in a local community. Split your time between a building project and teaching at a local school. Working alongside local builders, staying in the community and teaching kids, this is your chance to give something back rather than just passing through. This project will tackle needs that have been identified by your host community to ensure that your financial and physical investment is sustainable long into the future. Take part in a unique experience where you can really ‘Make A Difference’.

Day 1 (Monday)

You will be transferred to your starting point at the Project site and we will aim to get you there by 10am. Arrival at the project house will be marked by a welcome from your host family, head teacher or community representative. You will have the opportunity to unpack and get to know your local hosts. Accommodation will be in a local house that the group will use and is often very basic. Your house will be close to a water source but may not have running water. You will have a shower cubicle either indoor or outdoor and you will use the traditional ‘bucket shower’, and basic long drop toilet. Electricity may not be available so remember to fully charge up any items you wish to use as you may not get a chance to before the end of your project on Friday. Paraffin lamps may be available which create a really cosy environment in the evenings. Beds will be mattresses on the floor and bedrooms are shared with your team. Your accommodation is selected in a secure, close by location to the project site. A local cook who will often be a member of the host family within the house you are staying. After lunch the work begins! You must start slowly and listen to the safety briefing before you undertake any physical work to ensure that you get the most out of this cultural and developmental experience.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Meet the school community from the teachers to the parents to the many small faces peering curiously at you. Your usual working hours are 8am-4pm with breaks during the day. Throughout the day we will rotate teaching as and when lessons are timetabled. When you are not teaching you can return to work on the building site or plan your next lessons. Each day maybe slightly different and you will have the opportunity to explore the community after school and take part in and organise activities with the community. Start to get to know the local language, as showing your host village that you are making an effort to learn their language, even if just a few words, will immerse you more quickly into the culture.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Relationships in the community will be developing so that you can take on more responsibility which may lead to exciting side projects. Each day you have the opportunity to explore the village after school and take part and organise activities with the community. You can take walks and help out in the fields or with milking cows, planting and weeding. You also can look for opportunities to play sport with youth groups or tackle side projects such as educational murals. This will inspire your community to work with you and achieve their goals that also become yours.

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Make sure you try your hand at preparing local dishes with your cook, or share your own culinary skills. Evenings will now have favourite games to play to occupy the few hours after dinner and before bed, sometimes with villagers coming to pay you a visit.

Day 4 (Thursday)

In your final days on the project your ideas will have been implemented in the building project and classroom and a basic but very worthwhile knowledge of the local culture gained. You will be leaving behind your contribution to a sustainable project for the community and local children who will have benefited from your classroom work.

Day 5 (Friday)

Watch the last sunrise in your village to mark a unique experience that will never fade from memory and is only the beginning of your bonds with your home away from home. There may be time in the morning to do some final building and teaching work. Leaving your community will be marked with a special ceremony that will incorporate many members of the whole village. This is your chance to demonstrate and display the good work that you have achieved in the classroom, on the building site and out amongst the community. You will return back to Cape Town, Nairobi or Chiang Mai no later than 7pm.


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