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Almond Resorts


lmond Resorts, located in Barbados and St. Lucia are dedicated to conservation and eco-friendly practices.

Each resort has its own “Green Team” charged with keeping tabs on the progress of their resort’s environmental conservation programme. All resorts depend on solar heating for their hot water supply and the lighting system throughout the extensive grounds and resources such as energy and water are conserved and recycled to the best advantage. Almond Resorts also participates in farmer co-ops in St. Lucia. These grower agreements give small farms the security to plan their crops and know there is a buyer awaiting their goods when they are ready for market. Not only does this help develop the local produce industry but it also provides for fresh produce in guest meals.

Almond Casuarina Beach Resort is at the leading edge of the company’s eco programme preserving natural habitats, such as endangered sea turtles, which nest on Casuarina Beach. Almond Casuarina Beach Resort still retains a sizable portion of the original vegetation, and is one of the few hotels in the region operating within its own tropical forest ecosystem. Most of the vegetation is salt tolerant and drought resistant and is designed to minimize CO2 emissions. The successful maintenance of this ecosystem sustains all forms of local and migrating wildlife.


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St Lucia

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Couples Resorts


ouples Resorts located in Jamaica have worked hard to embed care and concern for the environment in its

resorts. Community involvement and interaction are tied into all the resort’s operations and is supported through the efforts of their ‘Green Team’, consisting of staff from all levels of employment who have volunteered to play a lead role in the efforts. With this combined effort all resorts have been Green Globe 21 Certified..

With the Green Team in place the following key areas have been targeted across all the resorts:

Waste minimisation – reduce, reuse and recycle Energy efficiency,

conservation and management Management of freshwater resources Waste water management Transport

Land-use planning and

management Involvement of staff, customers and local communities in environmental issues Protection of endangered species and all wildlife found on the property Continued education on the work being carried out and the importance of environmental preservation.

With this in mind, many projects and local activities have been implemented or supported within local communities. Beach and reef clean up days have been conducted together with other groups in the local community. Each resort adopts local community schools and help to teach children about the importance of protecting the environment that surrounds them, including tree planting. Couples Resorts also ensure that at least 90% of the staff are from local communities, that preference is given to locally grown food used in their restaurants and also invite local artisans to display and sell their products within the resorts, all helping to give something back to the country that supports them.

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