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Front Gate
Everyday scenes through the operator’s eye
Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, has indicated that
his company will hold onto its stake in Universal
Parks and Resorts, describing them as, “a relatively
small part of the business that can be poised for some
nice growth." Comcast took control of parent company
NBC Universal in early December.
Mack Rides will deliver a spinning coaster next
season to Le Pal, Moulin, France. It will measure
64ft tall and contain 1,503ft of track.
Tourists in Copenhagen looking for the Little
Mermaid this spring or summer should head not to
the harbourside at Langelinie but instead to Tivoli
Gardens. From April 16 onwards visitors will be
able to see a replica of the world famous statue as
the real one sits in Shanghai as part of 2010 World
Expo. Tivoli’s version has been loaned by
descendents of Edvard Eriksen, who sculpted the
original almost a century ago. The Mermaid will
return from her Chinese holiday in December
1 2 3 4 5
2010, but even she is a copy as the original is kept
by Eriksen’s family.
Philip Belec is the new president of La Ronde, a
1) On the left is our Sky Ride, installed by OD Hopkins. OD had my wife Lane fly out to
Six Flags property in Montréal, Canada. Belec
California to ride his installation at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I wanted a taller ride but
succeeds Marc Tremblay, and was previously the
he refused, citing the Santa Cruz ride as an example. OD was right and we built the ride to
park’s director of marketing and entertainment.
his (and eventually my) liking.
Demon Drop will not join Knott’s Berry Farm
2) Here you see our world-class Ravine Flyer II wooden coaster. Its first hill is only 80ft high after all. Since Knott’s already has a drop ride, the
but, with the ravine, the total drop is over 132ft. The coaster is smooth and fast as it crosses
Supreme Scream, plans have changed. The ride
over a four-lane highway and back on an arch bridge.
will instead head for another property in the Cedar
Fair chain, Dorney Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
3) In the centre, you can see the Sea Dragon, a very popular Chance ride. The space
behind the Sea Dragon will be the next area for major ride expansion.
International Rides Management has sold two
Vekoma Giant Boomerangs that formerly
4) Waldameer, German for “Woods by the Sea,” still holds true to the operated in Six Flags parks. One went to
park’s ancestry with beautiful green trees and a picturesque view of Lake Silverwood, Athol, Idaho. The second has found a
home in Mirabilandia, Recife, Brazil.
5) Peaking through the trees on the right is our Giant Gondola Ferris
HIT Entertainment, one of the world’s leading
Wheel by Chance and in front of it is a family coaster by Fred Miller. On a
independent children’s entertainment producers
fair day, you can see Canada from the Giant Gondola. What a view, eh?
and rights owners, has promoted Teri Ruffley to
the role of vice-president for live events and
attractions. “Attractions are a significant part of
HIT’s business plan,” confirms Ruffley.
Paul Nelson, Waldameer Park, Erie, Pennsylvania
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