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Park News
Cinecittà World
Located at Via Pontina, near the coast, the park will sit in the area of Castel
Romano where Dino De Laurentiis built his studios in the 1960s. The second
stage, set for completion by the end of 2012, will see the construction of The
Village, a CityWalk-style development featuring shops, restaurants and cinemas,
2011 debut for movie park in Rome
while for the third and fourth stages, work on which will come to a close in
Italy’s largest theme park dedicated to the cinema will open its gates in less than
2014, two further parks are planned, Cinecittà World 2 and Cinecittà Natura,
two years’ time. Cincecittà World, in the Castel Romano area of Rome, is set for
where visitors will be able to encounter live movies with authentic sets and stage
a spring 2011 debut, and its developers hope to attract over four million guests
a year.
Also planned near Rome for 2011 is Rainbow Magic Land in Valmontone. The
Listed by the Municipality of Rome as a major part of its “Second Tourist
park will be based around characters licensed from Rainbow SpA and feature
Hub,” the park will bear the signature of Dante Ferretti, the double Academy
rides by SBF and Maurer Söhne amongst others.
Award winner production designer who has been entrusted
with the project’s creative vision.
A team lead by Valerio Mazzoli Studios, which is
ProFun to manage
developing the masterplan, and Forrec, which will
oversee the project, will help realise the 15-hectare
Marabak park in Egypt
park in four stages. Stage one is pictured on the left.
The project represents a €500 million ($755m)
Operational management and strategic direction of the new Suzanne
investment and is expected to create around
Mubarak Family Park in Cairo is to be handled by the ProFun Management
2,500 new jobs.
Group. The California-based company has formed a local operation,
Cinecitta World is promoted by
ProFun Egypt Ltd, to work with the Heliopolis Association to open and
Cinecittà Parchi. The company’s
manage the new park.
shares are split 80:20 between
The park’s working title takes its name from Egypt’s first lady and is
Cinecittà Entertainment and
currently under construction in an area of the city designated as “new
Generali Properties. Cinecittà
Cairo” where it will be surrounded by a new residential and business
Entertainment is controlled by
community. Located 20 minutes north of Cairo International Airport, it is
IEG (Italian Entertainment
described as the first attraction of its kind to fully combines museum-quality
educational experiences with family entertainment in a 28-hecatre “theme
park garden setting.”
As well as rides and live shows, other attractions at the Suzanne
Mubarak Family Park will include Egypt’s largest open air aviary and a
spacious state-of-the-art 3D theatre, plus a variety of casual, themed and
fine dining experiences. The park is due to open in mid-2010 and will be
used year around.
“The new park, or edutainment centre as it is currently referred to, is
being overseen by Her Excellency Suzanne Mubarak and she is very active
in all phases of the project activities,” reveals ProFun president and CEO,
David H Schmitt. “Within just two weeks from our selection we had our
initial operations and management team on the ground in Cairo to work
on the final phases of the park’s construction and organise pre-opening
The Heliopolis Association of Egypt chose ProFun after a worldwide
search for a management and operations group for this very high profile
project. The group’s other current projects include the upcoming Ferrari
World in Abu Dhabi.
Experienced attractions industry executive Mike Patrick will serve as
ProFun Egypt’s executive project director and manage the park’s on-site
day-to-day pre-opening tasks as well as staffing and operations
requirements. Patrick’s background includes executive and operating
experience with Busch Entertainment and the Orlando Science Center, as
well as running his own leisure management consulting group, working on
projects worldwide.

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