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Park News
Technical Park comes
King Kong and
out Fighting
the dinosaurs
New rides revealed
Huss Park Attractions has revealed that it will
deliver not only a King Kong ride but also a
Technical Park, the Italian ride 394ft Sky Tower to Changzhou Dinosaur
manufacturer, has unveiled two new Park in China. The new rides will be part of
variations of its Streetfighter ride. phase II as the park grows, also adding a
The Loop Fighter is a 16-seat Zamperla coaster and a Space Shot tower
travelling ride using the same flipping ride from S&S.
gondolas at the company’s Pegasus The Sky Tower will be the tallest yet from Huss. It will be erected just outside
ride but adds them to a new swinging the park and open in October 2010 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
arm capable of turning through 360 According to Huss’ Michael Hesse, it will feature a new, futuristic-style capsule
degrees. The first unit is expected to holding 70 passengers per ride.
debut at the April Fair in Seville, Spain.
The Streetfighter Revolution also
turns through 360 degrees, adding a
new level of excitement to this Frisbee-
Mega Disk 'O’ for Seabreeze
style attraction, which previously
Seabreeze, Rochester, New York, will introduce a Mega Disk'O from Zamperla
swung inside a 240-degree arc. The
for the 2010 season.
first version will travel in Austria under
The 47ft-high, 123ft-long ride will accommodate 24 guests. The ride, on a
the Rüdiger banner.
circular disk, will spin 360 degrees in both directions as it rocks and rolls up
A Typhoon, the park
and down a bowed track. From the top, passengers will enjoy a postcard view
version of the Streetfighter,
of Lake Ontario. The yet-to-be-
has been sold to an
named attraction will fill a location
undisclosed client.
on the north end of the park's mid-
Deliveries of the ride were
made during the last 12
“We're thrilled to purchase this,”
months to Cavallino Matto
says park president Rob Norris.
park in Tuscany and Zawra
“We have a great working relation-
Park in Baghdad.
ship with Zamperla and are
Also on the order books
pleased to add another of their
for Technical Park are Baby
rides to our line-up. It is perfect for
Aviator suspended coasters
our demographic.”
for Aqua Show park in
Portugal and Linnanmäki in
Helsinki, as well as a
Happy Sky ride for Lotte
Coast in comfort!
World in Seoul.
A new range of wooden coaster trains from the Gravity Group and its sister
company Gravity Kraft promises to increase rider comfort.
The Loop Fighter
LEFT: Zawra Park, Baghdad
The ergonomically-designed Timberliner seats feature suspension to
absorb shock and vibration. Generously padded and fitted with
intuitive, easy-to-use restraints, the Gravity Group claims the trains steer
Mondial Mistral
and stay on course where other coaster trains skid and shuffle. This in turn
reduces forces onto the track and cuts maintenance on both trains and track.
Following tests last spring, The Voyage at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in
Mondial is currently assembling its first Mistral ride at
Santa Claus, Indiana, will be the first ride to use the Timberliner trains. The
its premises in Holland. The 40-metre swing ride is
padded seats will accommodate wider-hipped and longer-legged riders.
similar to the company’s Giant Revolution
“When the engineers at The Gravity Group told us they designed Timberliner
(Frisbee), but features inward-facing seating
trains with The Voyage in mind, they definitely got our attention” says Holiday
and a collapsible structure suitable for
World & Splashin' Safari president Will Koch. “Since the trains ‘track’ better, riders
travelling. The 20-seater ride has been sold
will experience a much smoother Voyage. That
to French fairground family Jacquier. A
also means there will be less ‘rolling friction,’
park version is also available.
so the ride will quite possibly be even faster
Mondial also has two Giant Wheels
when it reopens in May.”
due for delivery in 2010. The first will
The Voyage is 1.2 miles long and provides
be a 55-metre portable
a record 24.2 seconds of “air time” plus five
construction confirmed for an
underground tunnels. The new trains, which
appearance in Paris.
will each seat 28 riders, will be assembled in
Indianapolis. The Gravity Group is
RIGHT: The Mistral, coming soon to
headquartered in Cincinnati.
a French fairground
RIGHT: A Timberliner car
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