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Front Gate
How much did your group sales and secondary spend/per caps suffer
last season because of the slow economy?
50of Fun
Mattias Banker, Parks & Resorts Scandinavia: At Gröna Lund
we were up by about 230,000 people, and season pass sales were up
too. The problem is that when we are too full in the park, people
seconds – time taken to reach 100k/h
can’t spend money, so I think we were pretty much the same as last
on Curse of Novgorod rollercoaster at
year in spending per caps. At our other parks, Skara Sommarland and
Hansa Park in Germany. The one-year-
Kolmården, spending was up. At Skara we added a new all-inclusive
old ride will feature new theming in
wristband this season, including all food, drink and ice cream. We
sold a lot of wristbands, but they were pretty cheap and people ate a lot, so while I
think we made a little money, it was more of a marketing exercise.
Dick Knoebel, Knoebel's Amusement Resort, USA: Our
seconds – time allowed for a “lonely
heart” to impress their date during a
group sales were down 15%, but I can't address the per caps because
rollercoaster “speed” dating event at
we don't have a gate to measure it by. However, I know that individual
Alton Towers, England
pay-one-price wristbands and ticket sales were up minimally. Games
were down and refreshment sales were down. Fortunately, however,
overall we finished very close to our 2008 numbers.
number of “grannies’ that invaded
Gordon Gibb, Flamingo Land, UK: It wasn’t the best year
Gardaland in Italy on September 17.
we’ve had in terms of visitor throughput, but it was the best year cash
The outing was organised by Verona
wise and I couldn’t really report a fall-off in secondary spend. School
Social Tourism
groups were strong during the season, and our holiday village certainly
benefited from the “staycation” trend.
Paul Borchardt, Wonderland Park, USA: Our group sales
number of photographs required to
from the large groups were down significantly, by about 25%. All of these
cover all visible surfaces of Disneyland
cancelled about 40 days out. What saved us was one really large
Paris for Google Earth 3D
government contractor group that turned out very good. We also had more
of the smaller groups, so our per caps were up about 8% over all. I cannot
tell if this was due to the groups or regular attendance as these are in the 8,500,000
daily park totals. Our overall attendance was up a very little, but this was
number of lights strung throughout Walt
affected due to 28 days out of 116 scheduled days that were lost due to
Disney World Resort in Florida during
weather and one week of the Swine Flu fiasco in the spring. Christmas
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Cat Food - Guests looked on in horror as
tigers attacked a performer during a dinner
show at Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg,
Coney Comeback - The City of New
Germany. Christian Walliser, 28, tripped and
York is to acquire 6.9-acres of land at
was mauled by three of the big cats
Coney Island from Thor Equities, and
now dozens of companies are believed
to be submitting plans develop the site
for amusement use
Disney Confidence - Disney chief
Robert Iger had indicated he will
scale back discounting at his
Tax Too Far - Mason City council officials near
company’s theme parks in 2010 Thank You Very Dutch - Attendance
Cincinnati, Ohio, wanted to impose an admissions
was expected to eclipse 4 million by the
tax on local attractions including Kings Island and
end of the season at Efteling. The
The Beach Waterpark. The parks already pay sales
Netherlands’ number one theme park
tax. The proposal has since been thrown out
saw visitors numbers increase 20%
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