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Park News
The wheel towers over
Kaohshing from the top of
the E-DA Mall
Greek theme park takes shape in Taiwan
E-DA World is the name of a new 90-
hectare shopping and entertainment district
in Kaohsiung, south Taiwan. The project is a
flagship for the E-United Group, a local
conglomerate with roots in the steel
“They [E-United] are the fifth biggest steel
producer in the world, but they also have a
university, hotel chain, hospital and golf
club,” notes Edward Cromheecke of the
Fabbri Group, one the key ride suppliers at
E-Da World. “All that was missing was a
theme park.”
Appearing alongside the E-DA Mall and
Solid success at
The Fabbri
two upscale hotels (Skylark and Crowne
Wheel Plaza), the E-DA Theme Park is based
around ancient Greek mythology and split
across three themed zones: Greek Temple, Aegean Sea Village and Trojan Castle.
Europa-Park near Freiburg in Germany recently celebrated the best season in
Although many of the attractions are still months away from opening, visitors to
its 34-year history. The new Blue Fire Megacoaster is credited with creating
Kaohsiung are already offered a tantalising glimpse of what’s in-store in the shape of
much of that success.
an 85-metre Ferris Wheel located on top of the shopping mall. The ride is the first to
The launch coaster, by Mack Rides, sits inside the new Iceland themed area
be completed by Fabbri’s new Giant Wheels division, and is one of several rides
of the park and was ridden by 54% of park guests during the season. Around
being supplied by the Italian manufacturer.
80% of Europa-Park visitors are now repeat guests.
Including the building beneath it, the wheel stands 125-metres tall and was built
Occupancy rates at the park’s four themed hotels so far this year have been
to withstand the country’s extreme weather conditions including high levels of
up, averaging in excess of 90%. Planning for a new hotel has now started.
humidity, typhoons and earthquakes. The ride features 40 enclosed gondolas,
Despite a blip at the start of the year, the park’s “Confertainment” event
including a VIP car with a computer, TV, bar, fridge and luxury leather seating. A
department generated good business and enjoyed a busy Christmas period.
sophisticated LED lighting package ensures maximum impact after dark.
“Europa-Park is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Germany“,
Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, meanwhile, is contributing two coasters, including a
highlights Andreas Braun, director of tourism marketing in the state of Baden-
custom-designed indoor Family Coaster covering five floors of the shopping mall and
Württemberg. “Not even towns with millions of inhabitants have such a high
an outdoor Thrill Coaster.
inflow of tourists.”
Vekoma is owned by the Dutch steel producer Huisman, which puts the park’s
By the end of the winter season, Europa-Park was expected to have
owner in the odd position of buying from one of its competitors. Then again, E-
welcomed in excess of four million guests.
United doesn’t know how to build rollercoasters. Vekoma does.
In 2010, the Iceland area of the park will be expanded with the addition of
E-DA World will also feature Fly Over Taiwan, the first I-Ride panoramic flight
a Mack interactive water ride, a monorail extension and Gazprom visitor
simulator developed by Taiwan’s Brogent Technologies in partnership with Vekoma.
centre. The Russian energy provider has been signed up a new sponsor,
Reminiscent of Disney's Soarin' attractions, the attractions comprises a spherical screen,
joining existing in-park brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Nestlé,
projection system and nine moveable platform units seating 72 passengers.
Schöller, Adidas and Kraft Foods.
Each eight-seater platform offers a bird's-eye view of flight, featuring six degrees of
Meanwhile guests staying at the Tipi Village will be able to enjoy a new
freedom. The operator may control each of nine modules separately depending on
saloon bar next year, offering a wild-west hang out and action-packed Indian
the number of passengers. Above the seats are canopies serving as mounting bases
show to captivate the camp’s guests.
for 4D effects as well as isolating guests from adjacent riders above or below.
The Giant Wheel should be turning in time for Chinese New Year in February, with
further attractions coming on line in the summer.
This is what riders can expect on the I-Ride from Vekoma/Brogent Technologies
Blue Fire Megacoaster: A big hit in 2009
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