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Park News
New from
The water coaster on a cruise ship
The Disney Cruise Line is to introduce an industry first when it installs a waterslide Sky Fly is a new ride from the
coaster on a passenger ship. German manufacturer
The new Disney Dream will depart on its maiden voyage, possibly from Florida, Gerstlauer. Available with
in January 2011 and a highlight for many of its adventurous passengers will be one or two arms, it seats
the AquaDuck. Supplied by WhiteWater West, the attraction will whisk riders away either six or 12 riders.
on an exhilarating high-speed flume ride on the upper decks of the ship. Riders can control their
AquaDuck will stretch 765ft in length, and span four decks in height. Guests orientation as they fly through the
will slide 13ft over the side of the ship in a translucent "swing out" loop allowing sky in open seats where their legs hang
them to look down on the ocean up to 150ft below. How’s that for a signature free. The rotation of the seat is controlled with
feature? wings attached at the side.
This same seat configuration is used on Gerstlauer's Sky
Rollera tower ride, as seen at Belantis in Leipzig, Germany.
New coaster
concepts from Vekoma
Vekoma has unveiled a new coaster concept
called Dragon Fly. Riders are tilted forward in a
kneeling position on this family swinging flying
coaster, pictured here.
Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is also now
offering four-abreast sit-down and suspended
coaster trains for traditional mega coasters and
launch coasters. The launch rides are available
Silver Dollar City
both with a horizontal launch or a lifthill.
The first four-abreast Vekoma coaster
anniversary will be a Blast!
appears to be Battlestar Gallactica, a set of
duelling coasters at Universal Studios
Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri, launches its 50th anniversary year in
Singapore/Resorts World Sentosa. One track
2010 with a new interactive water ride from Mack. There will also be
will feature a four-abreast 32-seat train, the
special birthday events, entertainment and a $50,000 prize giveaway.
second will be with suspended seating. Both
Debuting in early spring will be Tom & Huck’s River Blast. Dubbed
trains will be launched on the lift. Each coaster
“America’s biggest water battle,” the ride is inspired by the adventures of
is 1.2km long.
RIGHT: Dragon Fly
fun-loving, mischief-makers Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Theming will be
completed in-house.
The ride will be located in the park's former Tom Sawyer's Landing play
area and feature eight rafts and water guns. Riders will negotiate a 570ft
S&S launches new
channel battling water from raft-to-raft and raft-to-shore. Each passenger
will spend five minutes on the raft and the ride promises an hourly capacity
rides in China
of around 800.
S&S Worldwide is building two new compressed air launch coasters and
When the Herschend family
several tower rides for 2010 delivery to China.
opened Silver Dollar City in May
The two coasters are for OCT parks in Beijing and Shenzhen. With riders
1960 it featured a town square,
seated four abreast in new-style trains, they will launch from zero to 84 mph
blacksmith demonstrations, a
within two seconds.
general store and ice cream
Considered to be very
parlour. Guests numbered about
aggressive rides, they
125,000 that first year, but now
measure 2,789ft long and
the park entertains around 2
197ft tall, with underwater
million guests annually and
tunnels 300ft long. Each
features 100 craftsmen, 30 rides
includes a section where
and attractions, dozens of
the train is sideways and
theatres and restaurants and six
riders experience
festivals throughout the season.
LEFT: Tom & Huck’s River Blast RIGHT: The new style
launch coaster trains
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