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Show Review
TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: The Barnyard from Zamperla was one of the few working rides at the show; Adrian Fisher from Adrian Fisher Design (left) on his-award-
winning booth with David Harding of Prestige Creative Settings; Maurer booth staff (left to right) Torsten Schmidt, Horst Ruhe, Ralf Reifferscheidt, Steve Boney, Hermann
Bockhorni, Jörg Beutler and Guido Bäuerle BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Launching its new corporate identity was 5D International. Seen here are (left to right) are
the company’s Gerhard Frank, David Vatcher, Markus Jürgensen, Martin Römer and Andreas Kornprobst; Ali Kord from Animalive with his company’s exhibitor award;
This exhibit from Distortions Unlimited caught several visitors by surprise. Find out why by reading Park World Digital at
Orlando vs Vegas does not cut corners and, like a maze, has
Future shows
“We’ve had a lot people asking for lots of hidden things inside.”
IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010 will take place at
information and prices,” reported Lino Ferretti “This is our first IAAPA” confirmed Christian
the Orange County Convention Center in
of Preston & Barbieri, “we did not get such a Angenvoort of Theming and Animatronic
Orlando from November 15 to 19, but IAAPA
good feeling in Orlando.” Industries (TAA). The European supplier chose
will be back in Las Vegas this spring for Fun
"This has been a very good show," to exhibit because it had recently signed a
Expo. Previously run by IALEI, the family acknowledged Tony Rossi of International Rides deal with the new Sea Life aquarium in
entertainment centre get-together runs Management, "with lots of interest from foreign Phoenix. “We want to show our presence in
from March to 7 to 12. IAAPA Attractions
parks around the globe. Personally, however, I the US market, and it’s certainly provided a
Expo returns to Vegas in 2011.
prefer Orlando. I have family there." good shop window.”
“If it’s going to be on the west coast then it "This has been even better than last year's
should be LA, because here it is bad for flight show because of the quality of buyers,"
connections,” remarked Paul Storimanns of concluded regular exhibitor Peter van Bilsen
The Stratosphere Hafema. of Vekoma Rides Manufacturing. "It gives us
Tower provided the
“Orlando is easier for European people to confidence in the future.”
perfect outlet for
get to,” agreed Valerio Mazzoli of Valerio This November IAAPA will return to to
those looking for
Mazzoli Studios, in amongst the design firms Orlando (see panel, left).
high altitude thrill
rides during their
on floor two. “I don’t think Vegas was a good
stay in Vegas
idea. Here people do not bring their families.
And two floors is terrible; why can’t IAAPA
understand it is better for us all to be
But many were enjoying the buzz upstairs,
including a few first-timers: “For us, this has
been a great show,” remarked maze designer
Adrian Fisher, sharing an award-winning
booth with Prestige Creative Settings. “When
you are going head to head with all these
brilliant creative guys you have to ask, ‘How
‘are we going to wallop them?’ Our booth
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