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Park News
Fourth Fantawild park promised in China
Hantao and the ultimate plan is for a national chain of 10 to 15 parks.
Hytechnology also wants to export to concept to other countries and is looking
for investors. “It will be a revenue share agreement,” says Tarroja. “We will provide
the equipment, they provide the land.” A partner has already been found in Iran.
Power Blast from Sally
Power Blast is a new family dark ride available from the Sally Corporation.
This intergalactic black light adventure features a choice of 12 scenes in a
20,250 sq ft enclosure, using almost 850ft of track.
Inside, visitors sign on as energy miners for the Solar Energy Cosmic
The multimedia attractions developer Hytechnology is planning to open its fourth
Mining Company and head for a distant planet. Their mission is to save Earth
Fantawild theme park in the Chinese city of Wuhu. The park is one of two new
from a band of notorious space
outlets scheduled to open in 2010 and will open in time for either the Chinese
pirates intent on stealing all the
New Year (February) or National Day (October) holiday.
energy in the universe.
The 120-hectare park will include 12 key zones and attraction experiences
A fierce battle ensues, with ride
including the Galaxy Plaza, Sky Sailor, Space Station, Space Tour, Dino Rampage,
cars spinning, lights flashing and
Journey Into Civilization, Solomon’s Seal, Conch Bay, Special Effects Studio,
sirens wailing as the villains blast
Mysterious West, Kid’s Zone and FunPlex. An animation park is planned as an
back. The fight moves through a
eventual second gate.
planetary landscape and into a
“Traditional theme parks in China have rollercoasters, we prefer a more hi-tech
hidden cavern. High-score targets
approach,” says Hytechnology’s international marketing manager Joy Tarroja.
are hidden along the way, and there
The Shenzhen-based supplier designs and manufactures many of its park’s own
are two possible endings.
products. Existing Fantawild outlets can be found in Qiandao, Chengdu and
Middle East seminar
After success with its Mechanical Minigolf
details revealed
installations in the Benelux, Jora Vision has
now produced its first blacklight golf
“Preparing for the Future” will be theme for the first session at the new
attraction. Tony’s Mystery Golf in
Middle East Attractions Forum (MEAF) taking place this February in Dubai.
Leiderdorp features a fun storyline aimed at
The economic downturn has provided those responsible for visitor
attractions within in the region with a unique opportunity to re-assess their
“There are already two other blacklight
priorities and prepare for a more viable future.
golfs in the Netherlands so we wanted to do
The MEAF programme will tackle wide ranging issues including
something a little different,” explains Jora
sustainable technologies, creative design, sponsorship, marketing, financing,
Vision’s Jan Maarten de Rad. “We wanted
shopping centre entertainment, education and safety.
to be more creative than some of the American games.”
The event is aimed at major investors, developers, builders, operators
Tony’s Mystery Golf is spread over three floors of former office space. Players
and senior managers of private and publicly-run visitor attractions. It is
collect their balls and clubs from a themed hotel reception area and set about
supported by trade associations including the TEA, WWA, AiCE and the
solving a crime with the help of Tony the lobster detective. During the game they
Middle East Leisure & Attractions Council (MELAC).
enter the hotel’s basement and journey “underwater” as they attempt to save a
The forum is being staged in partnership with the organisers of the DEAL
stricken mermaid.
trade show, which takes place in Dubai two months later. Following the
Jora Vision is now preparing designs for two more mini golf attractions, one
success of last year’s inaugural seminar programme, DEAL will provide
blacklight and one mechanical.
further education opportunities in 2010.
For example, the Foundations Entertainment University will be presented
for the first time ever outside the United States during the show. Chairing the
seminars will be Alain Baldacci, a former IAAPA president and currently
head of the Sindicato Nacional de Parques e Atracoes Turisticas in Brazil.
Presenters are likely to include Randy White, Frank Seninsky and Alan D
The Middle East Attractions Forum takes place at the Dubai Marina Hotel
from February 15 to 17. The dates for DEAL are April 25 to 27, including
the Foundations Entertainment
University on April 26 and 27.
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