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Justin Thouin, Vice President of Business Development and Product
Management at CryptoLogic, spoke to Casino International about recent
developments at this exciting online casino and gaming content provider
he online gaming market is crowded right the success of the Batman and Superman franchises over the
now, but one content provider has stood years. These are huge, international brands.
out consistently over the past few years – You’ll see Warner Brothers and DC Comics games
CryptoLogic. The main reason for this is launched in the fourth quarter of this year.
their licensed products, with a range of We also signed a 20-title deal with Paramount for the
games based on Marvel Comics characters, and now a exclusive rights for titles such as Forrest Gump, Braveheart,
deal's in place with the likes of DC Comics, Warner Beverley Hills Cop, Ghost, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,
Bros, Paramount, Street Fighter, and gaming Beowulf...the list goes on. In addition to that we have the
phenomenon Call of Duty now gracing their platform. ability to create for them a branded casino based on the
Justin Thouin talked us through recent developments. Paramount games. We are very excited about that – needless
to say we have been busy in the branded content space.
Casino International: Call of Duty is one of the
biggest games in the world on its various console CI: How has your strategy changed since the US
and PC platforms – you must be delighted to be market effectively closed with the UIEGA? How
offering that to your customers. much success have you had in expanding your
CryptoLogic’s Justin Thouin
Justin Thouin: We are hugely excited by Call of Duty. customer base with that market gone?
One of theOur major goal strategies that we have aat JT: We are being much more aggressive going out therein
CryptoLogic is to be the top online casino software licensing our software. Our goal is to have as many of our
provider in the world. One of the major lynchpins behind games available at as many top operators as possible, and
that strategy is to be the unquestioned leader in providing we have been very successful thus far in creating interest
branded content to the online gaming and casino world. and demand for the games. Operators have been very
Call of Duty is the receptive in terms of how flexible we are in the ways that we
most recent branded can get the games live to them.
game that we have There has been a complete revitalisation of CryptoLogic.
launched. Call of Pre UIEGA, we had a small set of customers that were
Duty is the most growing very, very rapidly. Post-UIEGA, with increased
popular first-person competition, those customers couldn’t grow as aggressively
shooter video game in or as quickly because there was so much more competition
the history of video gaming. It has a fantastic cross-over in Europe. That has forced CryptoLogic to change the way
appeal to many of the people who enjoy online gambling. that we operate. It has forced us to take on far more
We have been able to capture the essence of the video customers than we had in the past. We have had to increase
Game shot from CryptoLogic’s version of
game into our slot game in the icons, in the animations, our sales force, we have had to revitalise our presence at
Call of Duty, which is proving a huge
and specifically in the bonus round where you enter into trade shows, we have had to create new sales collateral, we
success on their gaming platform
the first-person shooter arena and the better you do, the have had to really go out there and tell the market ‘look,
more money you make. CryptoLogic is open for business. We have some fantastic
content and we want to make sure that we can work with
CI: You recently announced a deal with DC you to make sure we can provide that content to you in as
Comics/Warner Bros, if I remember right… simple and bespoke a way as possible.’ That wasn’t the
JT: As I mentioned, Oone of our goals is to be the message we were communicating pre-UIEGA. Also, we have
unquestioned leader in branded content. Apart from Call of decided to focus solely on casino – formerly, we were a
Duty, we have also announced two other, very different, deals provider of poker as well. We have merged our poker network
– a deal with DC Comics/Warner Brothers and DC with Boss Media, the iInternational pPoker nNetwork, so
ComicsParamount Studios. We have gained exclusive rights that Boss Media provides the poker software to our
for Batman, Superman, Wonderw Woman, The Green customers and we focus solely on casino so that we can be
Lantern and The Flash online. Batman and Superman are, the best in the world at casino.
arguably, two of the largest consumer brands that exist today It’s really been a revitalisation for CryptoLogic and we
if you look at the success of The Dark Knight, if you look at are now very well positioned for growth moving forward.
36 MAY 2009
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