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Casino International talks
to Nick Hogan from
Gaming Support about its
excellent Jackpot Junction
Table Bonus Module,
which we think is the most
exciting thing to hit the
Roulette wheel for players
in some time…
ometimes in gaming, you come across an What we see is that, when inundated by all of this
idea which just works. They’re usually the positive reinforcement, players simply extend their duration
ideas that make people money, and of play, generally by double-digit percentages. They stay
therefore succeed in the industry; when longer at the slot machine, thinking ‘my turn is coming, I’ll
Casino International saw Jackpot just stay put’. In turn, the core numbers (coin-in,
Junction Table Bonus Module at a trade show last utilization, slot win) climb. Generally speaking, players
year, we thought it slotted right into that category. walk away with an elevated notion of value and the house
We were knocked out by its simplicity and the reaps elevated win.
potential it has to drive traffic and generate Taking that success story, we started looking at the table
excitement around Roulette. Nick Hogan, Vice games area. They call it ‘live games’ but, let’s be honestóit’s
President of Sales and Business Development for the deadest part of any casino. It’s boring. In select,
Gaming Support International, took the time to seriously up-market environments, this is perfectly
explain to us a bit more about this superb product. appropriate. But, in the overwhelming majority of venues,
it’s just stuffy and stale. So, the overall goal is to breathe
Casino International: Jackpot Junction is an some life into mid-market table operations, the bulk of
established name within your suite of products; which could benefit hugely from a solid splash of multi-
how does the Table Bonus Module fit into that? media sunshine.
We started looking at different ways to do this, which led
Nick Hogan: We have a very large footprint in digital us straight to the jackpot layer. There are a couple of games
signage in general with our JackpotJunction suite. The around that feature a jackpot controller, Caribbean Stud
success behind these products has been their ability to being one of them, Let It Ride being another. We can (and
enliven a given slot environment and the ability to cross- do) collect those data, but again there’s just not enough
promote the various businesses found inside a diversified critical mass. You’re limited to a novelty segment of the
gaming organization – hospitality, retail, box office, F&B operation and the jackpot hit frequency is anything but
and, of course, the casino. high. So, the trick is creating hit data on the bread and
When it comes to generating excitement on the casino butter games.
floor, the recipe is surprisingly simply. We simply Now, in the past, the approach to this has been the side
accumulate as much jackpot data as possible and integrate bet – an extra wager which funds a peripheral jackpot.
them into the overall broadcast infrastructure. Let’s say you Think Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride. Although these are
are showing advertising clips for your various businesses. great games, you just can’t swing a side bet on a staple
As the playlist cycles, we overlay real-time jackpot game. Players hate them categorically.
odometers, serve picture-in-picture data covering historical So, we looked at it a different way. We started with a
hits, all of the feedback necessary to convey that there’s a game featuring well-established data collection vis-á-vis
certain critical jackpot mass of which everyone should take results (roulette) and isolated, from the player’s
notice. perspective, the least-advantageous bets. In this case, the
Then, when there’s a jackpot hit, all hell breaks loose. single number or ‘hard’ bet. So, the idea is to incentivize
The speakers go on, there are brilliant displays across all players to bet more money more often on these
plasmas, sometimes we use environmental effects like strobe propositions, thereby boosting the house’s average
lights or smoke machines, but the key thing is to monetary win per spin. How do we do this? We simply
accumulate as much jackpot volume as possible so that you create a promotion.
get an enormously large number of small hits throughout So, we broadcast that the magic number is 27. The next
the environment. person who wins a hard-27 bet will not only receive a 35:1
24 MAY 2009
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