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payout, but also an iPhone, a bottle of champagne, a
voucher for the steakhouse. We then monitor result data
across all tables and broadcast them in real-time for all to
see. When the number finally falls, bangÖmusic, video,
strobes, whatever. The key thing is that there’s nothing else
required – no random number generator, no buttons, no
side bet. Everything is inherent to the base game. The
promotion is rendered viable by the incremental win, the
house’s win skyrockets and the environment comes alive.
But this is only a single example. Other derivative bets
have already been developed for roulette and we’ve just cut
our first for baccarat / punto banco. The beauty of the
package that we’ve put together is that everything – the
bets, the scheduling, the promotional content, the
mathematics – is in the operator’s hands. If result data can
be captured, everything else is already there.
CI: You say that when someone wins a jackpot
ìall hell breaks looseî. Do you think this type of
celebration fits with the atmosphere in the ‘live
games’ area of a casino?
NH: Good question, and I’ll take you back to what I’ve
just said if I may: ‘The beauty of the package that we’ve
put together is that everything is in the operator’s hands’.
What JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module offers casino
operators is the ability to communicate in a different way
with customers; it gives operators another opportunity to
promote what is going on in their property – or properties
– with their customers. The managers in the live games
area will know their customers – maybe not each and every
single one of them, but certainly the customers that count;
the regulars and the VIPs.
Chances are in a Hard Rock casino, players in live
games areas will be at ease with audio that is quite loud,
lots of visual stimulation and environmental effects such as
confetti canons that are triggered when decent-sized
jackpots hit. JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module can games’ area is a people area, and JackpotJunction Table
deliver this range of stimuli to positively influence player Bonus Module is a technical product. Table managers are
behavior. great at what they do because they have superb ‘soft skills’.
Switch locations to, say, the Casino de Monte-Carlo, They can read people; the best can pretty much out-think
and management can tailor the content to fit both the their customers, making sure they have their favorite drink
player base and the environment with JackpotJunction just as they begin to feel thirsty.
Table Bonus Module. So, for example, the audio used to That level of customer service is one of the key features
celebrate someone winning could be Beethoven’s 9th that sets Casino A apart from Casino B. It’s a ‘soft trigger’
Symphony, which would obviously be played at a lower that is difficult to quantify; why does a player prefer
audio level, perhaps supported by appropriate, low-key Casino A to Casino B? The player may not even know why
visual and environmental stimuli. because their preference is driven by an emotional
If I were to use an analogy, I’d say that JackpotJunction preference, rather than a hard functional preference.
Table Bonus Module is the light switch that turns lights on JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module allows management
and off; JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module can help to to communicate and reinforce the ‘soft’ messages so
switch on players feelings of excitement, fun, and value so players feel even more loyalty to Casino A. Although a
they leave the casino with a more positive perception about technical product, JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module
it ñ whether they have lost or won. And if players leave with actually reinforces players’ softer, emotional perceptions of
positive perceptions, they will be happier to come back and luck, entertainment, fun and value.
play at that casino.
CI: Do you have any JackpotJunction Table
CI: What are the major challenges facing Bonus Module installations yet?
JackpotJunction Table Bonus Module in the tables
market? NH: We haven’t formally released TBM yet, but expect
to do so later this year. At this point, we’re short-listing
NH: I would say the biggest challenge is that the ‘live candidates for pilot.
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