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Casino Management
The art of communicating
with customers?
After a period that saw parts of the industry ‘get drunk on cheap
credit’, belts are being tightened across the globe. Making the most
out of customers and putting existing facilities to best use are now
high priorities – and Casino Management Systems have a major role
to play in boosting the bottom line. Graeme Kidd takes an overview…
dvances in technology have made a Ethernet is de Facto, but not yet universal: “The
major difference to casino management, rate at which it gets implemented is a question,
not only in terms of how the business because of the 'rip out the floor, re-run the wire'
assets can be marshalled and put to best situations,” says IGT’s VP Network Systems Strategy
use, but in terms of how tasks can be Javier Saenz.
achieved more efficiently, and thereby, more cost- Where ‘legacy systems’ are in place, IGT came to
effectively. realise that the trick was “to come to market with a
Perhaps most significantly of all, well-deployed IT product that you could implement on part of your
technology allows casino operators to open new floor, but that would continue to work seamlessly
channels of communication with players, to gain a with the rest of your floor, so that operators could
much closer understanding of customers and their ease their way in to all these new technologies,”
behaviour, and to drive revenues up enhancing the Saenz admits.
customer experience, partly through targeted offers.
Managing information and functions such as
Servers have not turned out
accounting, machine maintenance, cash
transactions and staff time more effectively also
to provide the ‘magic bullet’
allows costs to be driven down without impairing
the customer experience. Atronic is also taking this factor firmly into
The networked floor, industry-wide open standards account with the launch of its Crystal.Net platform,
and protocols, and the arrival of server-based systems which builds on the tried-and-tested earlier
in casinos has already enabled a powerful shift in the incarnation, Crystal.Web. Simon Dorsen, Atronic’s
way that operators can run their properties and Sales Director Systems and Server-Assisted Gaming,
market more effectively to their customers. Servers explains: “there are two sides to the system – the
have not turned out to provide the ‘magic bullet’ software, for analysing figures and the management
solution that some manufacturers implied – there’s side, and you have the hardware. Crystal.Web and
still a long way yet to go, and a massive amount of Crystal.Net are the hardware platform on which the
potential to realise through applying technology. software works.”
But a significant change has already taken place, “CrystalNet is the evolution of CrystalWeb...we are
now that the industry has moved away from using the same networking technology on the floor,
proprietary networks and proprietary machine Ethernet, so if you have an existing floor you don't
management systems, often provided at low or no have to touch anything on the network side. On the
cost by vendors in order to leverage their machine machine level, you take out the CrystalWeb
sales. Ethernet has become the ‘de Facto’ standard for technology and you put in the CrystalNet
casino networks, and it offers the bandwidth, or data technologies.”
capacity, that allows impressive multimedia content to “On the back end, the server is updated so it can
be delivered to customers on screens of all sizes handle having CrystalWeb and CrystalNet units on
around the entire property. the same floor, which helps in any migration. The
26 MAY 2009
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