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Konami: the System
Integrator Route
Konami, for instance, has only been actively like us from providing the product, so why not
selling casino management products and allow the operator to purchase the best of
services for seven years, but only uses standard breed solution from somebody else?
Different vendors are taking different routes network technology and a ‘Fortune 100 “What we provide is an integrated point to
to the markets they address. In emerging mainline server architecture’ and is currently make sure that our customer is provided with
markets such as East Europe and the Balkans, finalising its G2S implementation. The what they need, and we can hold everybody
where the canvas is comparatively blank company sees itself very much as a ‘systems accountable – we are the central point of
without a long history of gaming integrator’ in this arena. contact for any issues or challenges that the
establishments, some solution providers, such “There are some great systems out there, and property has, rather than the operator having
as Future Gaming and Advansys (see panels to look for one manufacturer to provide it all to look at multiple system providers, and say
out) have enjoyed particular success. for you is very difficult,” says Bertsch. “We 'who do we go to when there is a problem?'
Long-standing suppliers to the US casino provide a lot of other interfaces into other "In terms of providing management
industry, such as Bally and IGT have been systems, to the 'best of breed' applications, information, Konami’s Patron 360 takes
embracing casino management, open networks regardless of manufacturer. information from all those systems, integrates it
and rich channels of customer communication "The reasoning is pragmatic: For instance, and provides the tools for the operator to
from the perspective of a mature market, while SMS functionality… could we build that into segment a patron and calculate a worth for that
relative newcomers to the global marketplace, our product? Yes, we could. But there is also patron based on gaming and non-gaming
such as Konami Gaming and Gaming Support some Intellectual Property around it, there may revenue across kiosks, hotels… multiple facets."
approach from a different direction. be some things that prohibit a manufacturer More details via
customer is not forced on
one day to switch over the
whole floor to CrystalNet,
but can migrate at his own
pace. The decision to go to
CrystalNet does not commit to a massive financial
commitment on one day to cross everything over.
That's a comforting thing to our customers to think floor. When someone has just won a jackpot and you
that they can integrate new technology and bring want to run a special video, you can show it on your
new things to their floor and to players, but they can JumboTrons outside, on your plasma televisions
do it at their own pace.” inside, and also on the iView. The entire management
Crystal.Net, as Dorsen explains it, provides a much of media across the casino floor can be run from a
single console. A centralised media controller
It’s patently clear that there
provides a lot more sophistication and automation, as
well as centralised control.”
are a there are a lot of
A richer channel can be used very powerfully when
technologies, a lot of
marketing is driven by customer relationship
management techniques and tools and is informed by
developers and vendors, and business intelligence, particularly if that intelligence
a lot of opportunity.
is derived in real time from data gathered over the
network. Modern casino management enables the
kind of cross-selling and up-selling that other
richer channel of communication with the player industries already have down to a fine art. IGT’s
than CrystalWeb, a richer channel that allows sound Saenz: “Historically, it was 'come in the casino, play
and video to be delivered to the point of play, and the game, and please go home so that I can send you
gives operators the tools they need to design the a direct mail piece so that I can get you back'. Or
screen content, layout and colours to fit in with their maybe send you a text message or a phone call. Now
own house style. it's ‘come into the casino, play the game and I will
Bally’s iView, Konami’s TrueTime, Gaming Support’s actually keep you here. I will actually market to you
Aurora, IGT’s NextGen, like Crystal Web, all seek to and take care of your while you are here’.”
provide facilities that allow operators to enrich the Gaming Support has a parallel vision, as Nick
casino customer’s experience on the gaming floor, Hogan, VP Sales and Business Development for
and mainly at the point of play. Some integrate Gaming Support, sets out: “We have a new interface
directly with digital signeage across the property, board out there, which is very robust with a 64-bit
such as Gaming Support’s BaseSys Aurora, and, processor, awesome graphical capabilities and we
following Bally’s acquisition of CoolSign, Bally will can put these in any machine and power beautiful
also be offering enterprise-wide media management. LCD displays within the player transaction terminal
Bally’s Executive Vice President Systems, Ramesh that are completely touch-screen, that have all kinds
Srinivasan explains: “where you come up with a of unique service options for players. It’s fully-
dynamic video, you can show it across your whole integrated with our digital signage systems, so you
28 MAY 2009
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