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Octavian: helping operators
modules that provide data visualisation tools, Relationship Management system, that
make an EasyStart
and casino reception and cash desk facilities facilitates effective marketing campaigns; Level
alongside core slot machine management tools. 2 takes the system online and delivers the wide-
Compatibility with IGT’s EZ Pay system, player ranging functionality of Octavian’s ACP system,
Casino Management Systems can provide tracking, card reader systems, and integrated while Level 3 includes table games and adds
efficiency gains of 20, 30 or even 40 percent, video and signage systems have also been built Business Intelligence facilities. Level 4 provides
according to Octavian’s President, Peter Moffit. on the foundations of ACP. a full, online, multi-site Casino Management
Since the company was founded in 2001, Then, late last year, Octavian launched its System.
Octavian has managed large numbers of slot four-level EasyStart package. Rather than Operators can continue to add functionality
machines for its clients, initially using network committing to an up-front investment, the until their system reaches the full
links from the casino floor to a remote Octavian EasyStart deal is based on a monthly licence implementation of Octavian’s End to End
computer centre, but then rolling out a version fee, which is calculated for the entry Level 1 at Gaming Management System, or e3e GMS,
of its ACP (Accounting, Control and currency15 per slot machine per month, and currency150 per which links tables and slots in a fully-
Progressives) system to operators who wanted to gaming table. All the kit required is supplied, automated casino system that Octavian asserts
use their own hardware and take the task in- along with a consultant technician who spends will take account of the future needs of the
house: MyACP. a week helping to set the system up and gaming industry.
Both the original ACP and MyACP have been implement it on the operator’s site. More details via
enhanced in recent years with additional Level 1 provides a casino Customer
can run all kinds of interesting promotions on those Operators can also gather a mine of information
screens. That's a really slick new feature that we have about customer behaviour, so that responsive,
put in there.” targeted offers can be made, and made in real time,
It’s patently clear that there are a there are a lot of on the property.
technologies, a lot of developers and vendors, and a What’s more, as Konami’s Director of System Sales,
lot of opportunity. The potential for enhancing the Jay Bertsch explains, the player’s experience can be
player experience goes beyond variety of game significantly enhanced by providing new facilities and
offerings, and enhancements to games managing the experience.
such as bonusing, or jackpots, or
tournament play, or community gaming. Operators can have
With touch screen technologies, and the
ability to use kiosks, self-service kiosks,
unprecedented access to
RFID chips and players’ own mobile their customers
personal devices such as phones as a
channel for delivering information and “Konami’s TrueTime displays allow the property to
taking payment, there have never been so provide real time, streaming video down to the floor
many rich channels available for operators – so players can watch Superbowl, for instance, but
to use. Operators can have unprecedented more importantly, so that the operator can run
access to their customers, and use these promotional campaigns around it. The operator can
rich channels not just to sell to them, but push video directly down to the floor and create a
to reward, motivate and incentivise, and to provide significant amount of entertainment around the
appropriate gaming experiences. property, especially when you start looking at
The Future Gaming ‘Total
server at the heart of the whole system.
Casino Makeover’
An eFloor Machine Interface Controller is
added to each slot machine and, as its name
suggests, looks after the interface between the
Future Gaming’s eFloor, billed as ‘total casino eFloor system and the individual gaming
management’ is designed to work with machine in which it is placed. It also links with
machines from a wide range of suppliers. devices such toppers, and the eFloor Player
With its roots in Serbia, where CEO Dejan Interface Module, which provides a smart card
Tomic set up an electronics firm in 1985, reader, a button panel area, and a messaging
Future Gaming was established in Sweden in LCD for player communication.
2000. Currently, the company claims that its The Player Interface Module can be
management system is connected to 5000 retrofitted as a vertical or horizontal unit
machines in over 50 locations in 8 countries. outside a machine’s casing, or can be
eFloor connects up to 40 slot machines to an integrated into the slot cabinet by the machine
eFloor Machine Hub, which takes care of a relate to metering, polls and events. The manufacturer.
range of a range of processing functions that Machine Hub, in turn, links to the eFloor Core More details via
30 MAY 2009
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