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NCR – SelfServ solutions
gaming floor, with its TITO solutions automated NCR’s vision
and more…
cash office system, which she says “improves the sees casino guests
accuracy and accountability while reducing the enjoying an end-
accounting labour”. That said, NCR is very to-end experience,
NCR, the acknowledged global leader in much focussing on how it tried and tested where they check
automated teller machines (ATMs) is a recent products from the travel and hospitality in to a gaming
entrant to the gaming market. NCR’s cash- industries can add efficiencies to ancilliary resort using a self-
handing equipment is omnipresent in the revenue-generating operations, away from the service kiosk, and
banking industry, and its SelfServ range of gaming floor in casinos. navigate the
kiosk-based self-service solutions is well- “We are taking a lot of the best practices property using an
established in a wide range of industries. from the other industries that we participated interactive facilty-
Theresa Heinz, the company's Vice president in over previous years, and in the successes mapping system,
and General Manager, Travel and Gaming, there around the best practices, and we're and experiencing
explains that the company is looking to the applying them into the gaming industry,” she multi-channel
says. messaging
“We realised we have an throughout their
optimum portfolio to provide an stay. On the
end-to-end solution and the property they will
ability to manage it from an be provided with
enterprise level, which is also of many opportunities to make choices that are
huge value to a casino,” Heinz presented to them, either at touch points and
continues. “We started in 2008, kiosks around the property, or via their phone
away from the traditional gaming or other mobile device.
type solution in the ancillary “These are solutions that have been proven
revenue generating solutions in a production environment at scale in other
such as the order and pay industries,” Heinz asserts. “That helps us bring
solution that we deploy into the a significant value into the gaming industry,
buffet, the e-marketing solutions with our production-proven systems.”
that we have deployed as well as More details via
hotel check-in and check-out.”
money – your customers were always annoyed with
you, there were service problems. We had a long
period of protocol wars between Bally and IGT, SAS vs
SDS, and it was a big mess and a really hard business
in which to thrive.”
Today, Bally and IGT are both committed to open
“The reality is that it is no
magic bullet – protocols are
just a set of rules, there's
nothing about how you are
going to implement.”
and IGT uses a specialised protocol for that, and we
standards, and are happy to work together and with need them to share that protocol with us,” he says.
other manufacturers to ensure that innovative Clearly, he envisages no real difficulties with securing
products reach casino floors. Ramesh Srinivasan co-operation.
explains how Bally has made its iView player IGT’s Saenz concurs: “We are really committed to
communication technology work on other the co-operation necessary to make the open network
manufacturers’ machines, not just new Bally kit. “The work. The reality is that it is no magic bullet –
beauty of the way we are doing this, is that we can protocols are just a set of rules, there's nothing about
make this work on current games on the floor. We how you are going to implement. Everyone is going to
don't need the game manufacturer to do anything at implement a little bit differently here and there – this
all. We need permission from those game is complex technology. You have to test, you have to
manufacturers, but the casino operator will get that get together and it's going to take time and
permission. There's a little bit more work to do on an commitment from all the vendors. IGT is fully
IGT game, we have to reprogram the touch buttons, committed to that.”
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