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NOAA Officers’ Family Association Northrop Grumman Diversity Recruiting Programs Lt Col Richard A. Quinn, USAF (Ret) COL G. Sidney Smith, USA (Ret) CDR Clinton H. Smoke, USCG (Ret) RADM Roy D. Snyder, USN (Ret) CDR John R. Toler, USN (Ret) US Family Health Plan Alliance LLC Zeiders Enterprises Inc.

PRINCIPAL CONTRIBUTORS One-time contribution between $500-$999 COL William M. Backenstose, USA (Ret) LtCol George E. Brudzinski, USMC (Ret) RADM Jay M. Cohen, USN (Ret) Maj Gen Charles J. Dunlap, USAF (Ret) CAPT Clinton M. Furuya, USN (Ret) Dora M. Grevett Mary K. Higgins LTC Frank J. Hill, USA (Ret) LT John W. Hobbs, USN (Ret) COL Rodney D. Irey, USA (Ret) LTC Monroe L. Manning, USA (Ret) James O. McLaughlin MAJ Philip W. Morton, USA (Ret) Col Charles Parks, USAF COL David L. Patton, USA (Ret) Lt Col Bradley J. Pearson, USAF (Ret) Hildy Richelson LTG Michael D. Rochelle, USA (Ret) LTC Gordon K. Rogers, USA (Ret) Mildred Karch Sims Maj Anthony C. Traweek, USAF (Ret) Universal Health Services Inc. CAPT Gordan E. VanHook, USN (Ret)

MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS One-time contribution between $250-$499 LTC William C. Allanach, USA (Ret) LCDR Bruce C. Bade, USN (Ret) COL Eli Ballard, USA (Ret) CWO3 Thomas E. Borton, USCG (Ret) RADM Richard A. Buchanan, USN (Ret) Col Richard W. Buickerood, USAF (Ret) CAPT John F. Burton, USN (Ret) LtCol William A. Cohn, USMC (Ret) Lt Col John A. Crawford, USAF COL Charles G. Crawley, USA (Ret) Lt Col William C. Curtis, USAF (Ret) CAPT Thomas M. Daley, USCG (Ret) CDR Leda W. Davis, USN (Ret) CAPT Frederick R. Deane, USN (Ret) Elizabeth Deselms LTC Daniel V. DiLoretto, USA (Ret) Capt Guillermo R. Duldulao, USAF (Ret)

COL Richard M. Ely, USA (Ret) LTJG John S. Erthein, USCG (Ret) CAPT William G. Farrell, USN (Ret) Juanita B. Felder Lt Col Daryl Guill, USAF (Ret) COL Robert V. Hadley, USA (Ret) Shirley Hamm Brig Gen Richard A. Hersack, USAF Lt Col Franklin G. Hill, USAF (Ret) LTC Frank J. Hill, USA (Ret) COL Ben F. Hord, USA (Ret) Humboldt/Del Norte (Calif.) Satellite Chapter ADM Jerome L. Johnson, USN (Ret) LTC Joseph P. Kerr, USA (Ret) Lafayette (Ind.) Chapter CW3 James H. Leacock, USA (Ret) Lt Col Gerald McMahon, USAF (Ret) Middle Tennessee Chapter CDR Alan S. Miller, USN (Ret) Capt Edward C. Miller, USAF (Ret) Hazel M. Mills COL Annmarie A. Mullen, USA (Ret) MajGen Thomas M. Murray, USMC (Ret) Lt Col Kevin A. Murray, USAFR (Ret) Joan M. Olive LTC Paul R. Osborne, USA (Ret) LtCol Patrick E. O’Toole, USMC (Ret) MAJ Lee B. Philmon, USA (Ret) CAPT Charles A. Pratt, USN LCDR Rodney Rancik, USN (Ret) LTC Joe W. Ribotto, USA (Ret) COL William D. Roberts, USA (Ret) CDR Michael H. Rogers, USN (Ret) COL Douglas A. Ryder, USA (Ret) COL Andrea A. Sarzanini, USA (Ret) LTC Owen L. Saunders, USA (Ret) Lt Col Robert H. Scott, USAFR (Ret) Col William E. Sherman, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Richard F. Shroy, USAF (Ret) LCDR Robert J. Sommer, USN (Ret) Col Michael R. Spence, USAF (Ret) LTC Frederick J. Streb, USA (Ret) Lt Col Kevin L. Sutton, USAF COL Patrick J. Sweeney, USA Lt Col Joseph Tampellini, USAF (Ret) Tennessee Council of Chapters Col Robert E. Thornton, USAF (Ret) United Concordia Col Jeff Vista, USAF (Ret) LCDR Curt Walkins, USN CAPT Michael J. Webber, USN (Ret) CPT Thomas W. Welsh, USA (Ret)


This December, MOAA invites every MOAA member to join a new annual holiday tradition by donating just $25 to the MOAA Scholarship Fund and $25 to the MOAA Military Family Initiative. These two award-winning organizations are making a real difference in the lives of America’s uniformed service families. If just half of MOAA members added these two small gifts to their giving list in December, each organiza- tion would receive over $2 million in support each and every year. What a wonderful way to never stop serving!

Visit ate to give.


Over 2,800 donors

contributed at least $25 to MMFI in 2015 as part of the “$25-in-’15” annual campaign. We hope to increase that number to 4,000 donors this year during the “$25-in-’16” campaign.


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