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Brig Gen Paul G. Cohen, USAF (Ret), and Arlene S. Cohen* Lt Col James M. Conner, USAF (Ret), and Dottie Conner* CAPT Dennis M. Corrigan, USN (Ret)* VADM Michael L. Cowan, USN (Ret)* Col Richard R. Crawford, USMC (Ret), and Martha Crawford* Col John W. Dalton, USAF (Ret), and Billie J. Dalton* COL Charles T. Davis, USA (Ret), and Priscilla Davis* CAPT Michael J. DeHaemer, USN (Ret), and Judith DeHaemer* Col Steven L. dePyssler, USAF (Ret), and Gloria dePyssler* COL Dwight L. Dinkla, USA (Ret), and Brenda E. Dinkla* CDR Robert T. Douville, USCG (Ret), and Joan J. Douville* Douglas E. Dubois* East Iowa Chapter* COL Dale F. Ellenburg, USA (Ret), and Mary Ellen Ellenburg* COL Glenn T. Fasanella, USA (Ret), and Angela K. Fasanella* CAPT Edward C. Ferriter, USN (Ret), and Patricia Ferriter* Brig Gen John L. Finan, USAF (Ret), and Diane Finan* Fort Rucker (Ala.) Chapter* Ft. George G. Meade (Md.) Chapter* RADM S. Frank Gallo, RADM, USN (Ret), and JoAnne Gallo* LTC John O.L. Gilliland, USA (Ret), and Sandra E. Gilliland* CW2 Ricky C. Godbolt, USA (Ret), and Barbara Godbolt* Robert J. Grasmuck and Dr. Carolyn B. Radding, VMD* Greater Baton Rouge (La.) Area Chapter CW4 Craig M. Harris, USA (Ret), and Eleanor Harris* Joyce Harte* Health Net Federal Services* CAPT Alvin D. Hersh, USCGR (Ret), and Irma J. Hersh* COL Kelly F. Hilland, USAR, and Michael Hilland* CDR Thomas J. Hoskins, USN (Ret), and Diane H. Hoskins* LTC Kenneth I. Hunt, USA (Ret), and Susan M. Hunt* Indianhead (Wis.) Chapter* Lt Col Deborah L. Johnston, USAF (Ret)* COL Harvey T. Kaplan, USA (Ret), and Naomi M. Kaplan* CDR Kevin J. Keilty, USN (Ret), and Elizabeth Keilty* LT Albert D. Kirwan, USN* CDR Patrick J. Kusiak, USN (Ret)* Col Lee F. Lange, USMC (Ret), and Janet Lange* Col David L. Lay, USAF (Ret), and Jeanette M. Lay* Mary Lenerville* RADM Daniel B. Lestage, USN (Ret), and Helen N. Lestage* Lockheed Martin Corp.* Louisiana Council of Chapters* MG Robert G. Lynn, USA (Ret), and Janet M. Lynn* Col Charles L. Martin Jr., USAF (Ret), and Caroline M. Martin* Maryland Military Officers Association of America* COL Michael N. Mattia, USA (Ret), and Maria M.C. Mattia*

Mayport (Fla.) Chapter* DIR M. Carlene McIntyre, USPHS (Ret), and John R. McIntyre* Military Officers Association of Sarasota (Fla.)* Montgomery County (Md.) Chapter* COL James A. Mundt, USA (Ret)* Lt Col Thomas D. Neff, USAF (Ret)* COL Robert F. Norton, USA (Ret)* CAPT David H. Peterson, NOAA (Ret), and Kathleen M. Peterson* Col Antonio T. Pimentel, USAF (Ret), and Jill C. Pimentel* LCDR Clark B. Pollock, USN (Ret), and Janis M. Pollock* Brig Gen David E. Price, USAF (Ret), and Paula R. Price* COL Barbara Ramsey, USA (Ret), and MAJ Jim Ramsey, USA (Ret)* BG Velma Richardson, USA (Ret), and Billie Richardson* LTG Randall L. Rigby, USA (Ret), and Carol A. Rigby* LTC Laroy M. Rushing, USA (Ret), and Carol N. Rushing* CAPT Jack J. Samar Jr., USN (Ret), and Sharon L. Samar* CAPT Leonard J. Sapera, USN (Ret), and Eileen W. Sapera* Maj Carl P. Schwartz, USAF (Ret), and Bonnie Schwartz* CDR Mark K. Seglem, USN (Ret), and Anne E. Seglem* LCDR Lyndon R. Shaftoe, USN (Ret)* COL Frank J. Snyder, USA and Louise P.O. Snyder* Col Covert A. Soule Jr., USAF (Ret), and Iris A. Soule* Southwest Illinois Chapter* Star Spangled Banner (Md.) Chapter* CAPT Alfred M. Steadley Jr., USN (Ret)* CAPT William D. Straight, USN (Ret), and Kathleen W. Straight* Susquehanna (Md.) Chapter* LTG Guy C. Swan, USA (Ret), and Melanie C. Swan* LCDR Douglas M. Thompson, USN (Ret), and Vicki L. Thompson* CPT Jennifer L. Thurston, ARNG* Lt Col Robert L. Trimpl, USAF (Ret)* CAPT Peter Troedsson, USCG (Ret), and Julie Wetherill* Upper Potomac (Md.) Chapter* COL Anthony L. Vydra, USA (Ret), and Betty K. Vydra* LTC Suzanne Walker, USA (Ret), and MAJ Thomas L. Walker, USA (Ret)*

CAPT Carl E. Weiscopf, USN (Ret), and Charlene Weiscopf* Maj John T. Whitman, USAF (Ret), and Suzanne Whitman* LTC William D. Wolfinger, USA (Ret), and Linda A. Wolfinger* Col Cherie Zadlo, USAF (Ret), and Richard Pullen* LT Henryk B. Zaleski, USN (Ret), and Lisbeth M. Zaleski* LCDR Robert L. Zalkan, USN (Ret), and Kaye T. Zalkan* LTC Ronald G. Zola, USA (Ret), and Susan A. Zola*

*founding member

THE DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTORS are individuals, councils,

chapters, and organizations that made one-time contributions of at least $250 during 2015 in support of MMFI programs. There are three levels of support, as shown below.

LEADERSHIP CONTRIBUTORS One-time contribution exceeding $1,000 AbbVie

CDR Mark Ackerman, USN (Ret) American Physical Therapy Association Brazen Technologies Delta Dental of California CAPT William G. Farrell, USN (Ret) Fisher House Foundation Inc. Fleet Landing


Fort Meyer Thrift Shop CDR Kelsey Goodman, USN (Ret) Capt Richard H.W. Grunwald, USMC (Ret) IFA Educational Foundation Inc. International SOS Joyce A. Lathrop Eliza A. Magee LTC Harold C. Mason, USA (Ret) CDR Gary V. Meinert, USPHS (Ret) Metlife

National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations

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