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LTC Charles H. Ertell Jr., USA (Ret), and Irene E. Ertell* CAPT Alan B. Flanagan, USN (Ret)* Florida Council of Chapters* Goldman, Sachs & Co.* Col Carol L. Hattrup, USAF (Ret)* Val P. Hawkins* Lt Col Gerald W. Haynes, USAF (Ret), and Judy P. Haynes* RADM Jesse J. Hernandez, USN (Ret), and Margaret S. Hernandez* ADM Jerome L. Johnson, USN (Ret)* Col Neil K. Kanno, USAF (Ret), and Faith Kanno* CAPT Robert E. LaGassa, USN (Ret)* LTC Leo A. Le Bel, USA (Ret), and Theresa B. Le Bel* Lee Coast (Fla.) Chapter* RADM Martin W. Leukhardt, USN (Ret), and Miloslava K. Leukhardt* Maj Gen Joseph G. Lynch, USAF (Ret), and Patricia G. Lynch* CDR Rex A. Maddox, USN (Ret), and Patricia A. Maddox* Maj Gen R.C. Marr, USAF (Ret), and Sherry Marr* Lt Col Edward L. Marvin, USAF (Ret), and Ruby Y. Marvin* CDR Thomas D. Mathews, USN (Ret), and Sue S. Mathews* Maj Gen Kay C. McClain, USAF (Ret)* Col John C. McCoy, USAF (Ret)* RADM Thomas J. McGinnis, USPHS (Ret), and Linda Dubroof McGinnis, J.D.* Lt Gen George D. Miller, USAF (Ret), and Barbara A. Miller* RADM Edward Nelson Jr., USCG (Ret), and Joyce L. Nelson* Col Robert W. Norman, USAF (Ret), and Nancy R. Norman* Col James W. O’Brien, USAF (Ret), and Noriko O’Brien* CDR Earl L. Oliver, USN (Ret), and Claire E. Oliver* Maj Howard J. Pfeuffer, USAF (Ret), and Cuc T. Pfeuffer* Katherine E. Ponds* Quad Graphics* COL Michael J. Rogers, USA (Ret)* CAPT Timothy G. Schaefer, USN (Ret), and Denise Schaefer* COL Joseph A. Simonelli Jr., USA (Ret), and Bettye Marie Simonelli* CAPT Brian T. Smith, USN (Ret), and Lisa M. Ziehmann* Col Ana R. Smythe, USMC (Ret)* CAPT Charles N. Starnes, USN (Ret), and Susie Starnes* Suntrust Foundation* GEN John H. Tilelli Jr., USA (Ret), and Valerie Tilelli* Col Michael R. Turner, USAF (Ret)* Col Charles B. van Pelt, USAF (Ret)* LCDR Larry O. Walker, USN (Ret), and J. Gayle Walker* CDR Burton “Buzz” J. Waltman, USN (Ret), and Jane C. Waltman* CAPT Peter B. Welch, USN (Ret)*

BRONZE Individual: $250 a year for five years; Chapter or Council: $125 a year for five years; Leadership Council COL Roy H. Adams Jr., USA (Ret)* Lt Col Virginia A. Alloway, USAF (Ret)* LTC Arthur Thomas Alm, USA (Ret)* Col James Anderson, USAF (Ret)* Col John F. Andrews, USAF (Ret), and Vera Andrews* Anonymous Col Paul W. Arcari, USAF (Ret), and M. Teresa Arcari* LTC Gregory A. Bacon, USA (Ret)* CDR Donald K. Bently, USN (Ret)* Maj Norman L. Bessette, USAF (Ret), and Janet G. Bessette* COL Joseph E. Boling, USA (Ret), and Helen-Louise Boling* MAJ Michael Bollinger, USA (Ret), and Dr. Lily Bollinger* Bradenton (Fla.) Chapter* LTC Gary M. Bratt, USA (Ret), and Shirley A. Bratt* Annie S. Brock* Lt Col Jeffrey A. Brock, USAF (Ret)* Col Michael D. Broderick, USAF (Ret), and Jane C. Broderick* Lt Col Christopher L. Burnham, USAF (Ret), and Debra C. Burnham* Capt Franklin L. Bush, USAF (Ret)* CAPT James Carman, USN (Ret), and Dianne Carman* CDR John J. Chernoski, USN (Ret), and Mary A. Chernoski* LTC Matthew G. Clark, USA, and Katie Clark* 1LT Richard W. Coffland, USA (Ret), and JoAnn M. Coffland*


The MOAA Military Family Initiative (MMFI), a 501(c)(3) subsidiary foun- dation of MOAA, funds MOAA mili- tary family programs that serve the entire uniformed service community. We focus particularly on assisting all military families, regardless of their rank or service, with their lifelong transition needs. MMFI embraces a more holistic definition of “transi- tion.” Far more than simply prepara- tion for transition from uniformed service to civilian career success, MOAA transition programs address related issues such as military spouse career development, military fam- ily financial education, veterans’ and survivors’ disability claim information and advice, and military caregiver legal support and financial education. Last year, MOAA received its second national Summit Award in three years from the American Society of Association Executives. MOAA is one of only two organizations in the 9,300-member organization’s his- tory ever to receive two such awards. Both awards were for MOAA transi- tion services programs. Visit www to learn more.

If you would like to contribute to the MMFI, visit tion to donate online or mail your contributions to MOAA Military Family Initiative, P.O. Box 321058, Alexandria, VA 22320-9806.


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